The spring fling with your skin


The dreary winter days are ending. You cannot wait for the burst of color with the spring. You can feel the scent of flowers in the air. And with the transition of the season, it is also time to rethink the skin care routine.

Goodbye winters

Winters call essentially for a robust moisturizing routine. The thick creams that offer a respite against the cold and dry air and the constant need to keep the hydration game strong are the hallmarks of winters.

However, with the transition into the spring, the air also changes. There is more sun, so the temperature of the air is not frigid anymore. There is more humidity as well.

Hence, you accordingly then need to change your skincare routine to address these factors. If you have specific skin concerns like eczema that flare up with change in weather, then you must visit your Skin specialist in Islamabad.

Tips for spring skincare

Change your moisturizer

Now that the dry winter days are behind you, you do not have to wear the very thick moisturizers anymore. You can now switch to your trusty lotion or the lighter creams if the thick creams are too much for your skin. An overwhelmed skin can then become more susceptible to breakouts.

However, important to note is the weather where you are at as the intensity of cold can vary as per your location. So, if your air is still cold and dry, then do not compromise on the moisturizer still. If the air is fairly hot and dry, go ahead and change your moisturizer.

Exfoliate, baby

You might have been scared of exfoliating your dry winter skin,  but now that the winter is gone with the wind, you can exfoliate it without any fear now.

Exfoliation not only helps in getting rid of the dead skin cells that are imposing on your complexion, but it also improves the skin cell turnover. Go ahead and enjoy the spring glow!

Give me some glow

Just because the skin is out, does not mean that you get your tan going. Sun exposure without appropriate measures is extremely bad for your skin.

Hence, if you want to get the glow to make your skin weather appropriate, just use a good highlighter. Try to make it subtle during the day, and at nighttime formal affair, you can go all out.

Go mask it up

Wearing a hydrating mask is not only a great way to spend your weekend, but a hydrating mask can help give the boost to your skin. It will help you skin become more supple, and thus will look more refreshing. A well-hydrated skin also pulls off the makeup well.

Spring cleaning please

Just as you clean your house when spring comes, likewise, you also need to clean your dressing table products as well. All the makeup items that are past their expiration date need to be thrown away; those dates are not polite suggestions.

Similarly, clean your makeup brushes regularly as well. Otherwise, they will continue to harbor bacteria, that then gets transferred to your skin, and what you then have is disaster on your skin.  

Sunscreen is not optional

Sun is out in full glory, but that does not mean that you are abusing this privilege. Sunlight contains radiation that is harmful to the skin. The UV radiation therein can not only cause premature aging, but also increase the risk of skin cancer as well.

Hence, make sure that you do not compromise on your sunscreen. Try on a broad spectrum one, that needs to be reapplied after every two hours.

Rosacea, will you calm down?

Even though rosacea gets triggered by winters more, but cold winds of spring may also cause the symptoms to aggravate. Alongside following the instructions of the Best dermatologist in Lahore, try also good moisturizers and anti-inflammatory agents like niacinamide.