Three Ways to Make Getting Rid of Your Waste Much Easier


You might think that throwing things away is one of the easiest tasks of any big renovation project or spring clean. However, the truth is, it takes a lot more effort than you’d imagine. Here are three ways you can make the process of getting rid of your waste a whole lot easier.

Compact your waste

Once you’ve hired a dumpster, you’ll want to make sure you are getting the most of your money. You might think that the best way to dispose of your waste is to simply start throwing things into the dumpster until it’s full. 

Although, if you’re smarter about how you fill your dumpster, you’ll find that you can fill it with a lot more trash than if you just throw things in randomly. Try and compact as much of the waste as possible. For example, if you’re throwing away a cardboard box, try to unfold the sides so that it lays flat. Any space inside that empty box will simply just be wasted space. For the best results, invest in some equipment that will help you compact your waste even further. 

Equipment like those sold on might help you reduce the size of your waste so much that you could find yourself needing to hire smaller or fewer dumpsters. Not only will this save you money, but this could also speed up the process of disposing your waste. 

Clearly separate what needs to go in 

If you want to dispose of your rubbish quickly, it’s important to prepare properly before your dumpster arrives. Try and find a space as close to the dumpster as possible to gather all of the waste you want to dispose of. This will reduce the amount of time you spend walking between the waste and the dumpster. 

Try to choose a spot under shelter so the waste is protected from the rain, as any water could make things like cardboard harder to recycle. Most importantly, make sure anything you want to keep is kept well away from the rest of the waste so nobody accidentally disposes of anything that shouldn’t be in the dumpster. 

Remember about your safety 

You might think that because what you’re handling is going straight in the bin that you don’t have to give much care and attention when moving it around. For example, when you lift your new bathtub into your home, you’ll want to move slowly through doorways to make sure you don’t scratch the side of the tub. When you’re throwing the old one out, it doesn’t matter if you scratch the paintwork of that old tub. Whilst this is the case, it’s important that you still take care when handling this garbage so that you don’t seriously injure yourself during the process on sharp glass or plastic. Wear protective gloves and make sure you don’t overstretch your back whilst lifting something that’s too heavy. If you can’t comfortably lift it by yourself, seek the help of a friend to help you lift it with you or alternatively try and cut it into smaller pieces.