6 Quick Tips to Reduce Stress and Anxiety While Traveling in 2022


Many people look forward to traveling. It presents an escape from the autopilot life many have been used to and allows experiencing various cultures.

Traveling is good as it comes with various benefits. Health practitioners advise that people take every available opportunity to travel and change the environment to benefit their mental and physical health.

As beneficial as traveling is, however, it could be stressful. Many people develop anxiety a couple of days before their trip, affecting their experience on the journey. Indeed when you think about the stress of packing, dealing with airport security, being cramped up in the airplane for hours, and the uncertainty of what lies ahead in your destination, traveling could present anxiety at new levels.

Also, While travelling, Stress relief games are a wonderful way to deal with stress.

However, one can take essential steps to rise above anxiety and enjoy the trip. This article will explore various tips to reduce anxiety and stress while traveling:

Consider Using Kratom

This plant is native to Southeast Asian countries and comes with a series of health benefits that users will find helpful. One of its effects is that it can relieve stress and anxiety, making it a perfect companion while traveling.

As long as your destination rule does not frown at it, you can consider using kratom on your trip to relieve anxiety. Mitragynine – the active ingredient in kratom combines with opioid receptors, reducing pain and fighting anxiety. You can find the best Kratom powder online as it has impressive stress relief capacity.

Prepare for Some Scenarios

Let’s face it, the primary reason one is probably anxious is due to various circumstances that one feels might go wrong. You might assume there will be traffic on the way to the airport that will make you miss your flight and other irrational fears like that.

The best idea, in this case, is to have a contingency plan for various what-if situations. For instance:

  • What if there is traffic on the road to the airport: I will leave home earlier or take an alternative route
  • What if I lose all my money: I will travel with a prepaid card or ask a friend to send me some money while on the trip
  • If I get lost: I will learn how to use Google Maps on my mobile device.

When you have a mental preparation for various scenarios like this, it will go a long way to calm your nerves and ease anxiety while traveling.

Watch out for the Positives

According to research, when you imagine or think about positive future events, it activates the part of the brain that relates to well-being. So, if you are feeling overwhelmed or you can’t get your mind away from the negatives or worst-case scenarios, try and contemplate various positive things that might happen on the trip.

Consider making a list of positive and exciting things that will probably happen on the trip and due to the trip. The new places you get to visit, the thrill of accomplishing your goal, the friends and connections you will likely make, how the training will make you a better employee, and so on.

You can even make this as a list and have it with you. Reading them every time will quell anxiety significantly. 

Consider Taking Deep Breaths

Anxiety arises when we get carried away by things that can go wrong. The body plays this out by responding via shortness of breath, sweating, and other signs of anxiety. However, you can focus on your breath and use it to your advantage. It is a tool that can distract you from worst-case scenarios.

Even research support that breathing exercise can quell anxiety and stress. The good thing is you can practice it anytime, irrespective of the location. Are you mid-air, and you feel your tension rising due to imminent turbulence? Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Such activity can calm your system and relieve anxiety.

Consider Guided Imagery

Another trusted way to rise above flight anxiety is by practicing guided imagery. In other words, making a mental picture of a calm and relaxing place can transfer the calmness to our body system. According to research, guided imagery can subdue feelings of anxiety in sufferers.

To practice guided imagery, picture a relaxing place and make it vivid. Such visualization exercise needs to involve all senses. For instance, imagine yourself on a beach, as the cool breeze caress your skin and the sound of water waves gently flowing some distance away.

Guided imagery is real and effective because the mind, most times, cannot discern if the image is actual or imagined. As a result, calmness will translate to our bodies if you imagine yourself in a relaxing atmosphere.

Maximize Your Downtime

Traveling could indeed be stressful, with the airport incredibly busy and demanding. However, you can take steps to ensure the busy environment does not get to you.

As you wait for your flight in the airport lounge, read or book, scroll to social media pages, or attend to work email. Consider checking in with family and friends. The key is to distract yourself such that the mind does not have time to focus on negatives that might trigger anxiety.

Even while you are mid-air, consider listening to music, watching an episode of your favorite movie, etc.


Anxiety should not make you feel helpless or pass on the opportunity to take a trip. You can get creative with the points above and fight stress in various ways.

The tips above will go a long way in helping with stress as you travel.