Top 5 Part time degrees to upskill in your career

part time degree Singapore

At present, upskilling keeps utmost importance in an individual’s career. Upskilling is essential to minimise the talent gaps to climb the career ladder. Upskilling adds value to an individual’s career and opens broader career prospects. That’s not all. Upskilling is also essential in increasing the existing salary package and expanding the professional networks. Now, the question arises of how to upskill your career without quitting the current job. To pull through such a catch-22 situation, ambitious professionals can opt for part time degree Singapore.

Why in Singapore?

With around 34 universities, the Republic of Singapore is a perfect blend of the social, economic and educational mix. Singapore is popular for providing a high quality of education to over 50,000 international students worldwide. Singapore has also topped the QS World University Rankings 2021 for offering world-class education to students in various disciplines. Students wondering about the most popular part-time degrees in Singapore to upskill their careers can check the courses below.

Top 5 part time degrees to upskill in your career

  1. B.A in Business Studies: This bachelor’s degree will provide you the essential management skills to run and grow a business. Students will learn creativity, technical and communication skills to achieve the business objectives. It is an 8-month programme that will equip you with the core understanding of business to meet the demands of today’s fast-changing business environment.

Cost of programme: SGD $13,000

  • B.A in Accounting and Finance:This bachelor’s degree will introduce you to accounting practices and help you gain knowledge of financial management. In this programme, students will learn the concept, structure and meaning of reporting for organisational operations. Aspiring accountants will also learn financial reporting and analysis in this programme.

Cost of programme: SGD $15,000

  • B.A in Hospitality Management: Hospitality is one of the fastest-growing sectors. It is an 8-month programme that will teach students to be confident while applying core business techniques. In this programme, aspiring students will learn good customer service skills. They also learn transferable skills during the programme.

Cost of programme: SGD $13,000

  • B.A in Business Logistics and Transport Management:The course is essential to understand the functioning of supply chain management. The programme helps students to learn skills to work in the logistics and transport sectors. It is an 8-month programme that equips students to obtain strong commercial awareness to maximise the profit of the business. Students also learn to analyse performance to run the business efficiently.

Cost of programme: SGD $15,000

  • B.A in Cyber Security and Networks: It is one of the most sought-afterprogrammes among students looking for an exciting and challenging career. The programme will provide you an insight into cyber threat intelligence and risk management. Upon completing the programme, students will be able to protect data from the risk of theft.

Cost of programme: SGD $27,000

Choose one of these part-time programmes to make yourself more employable in the global labour market. Apply now!