Top 5 Unique Tiara Designs for Your Child

Top 5 Unique Tiara Designs for Your Child

Most little girls dream of being princesses and have pretended games where they act as one. We believe that play or no play; every young girl needs to own at least one tiara in her life. For your one-of-a-kind little darling, we have equally unique designs that will make her look no less than a real princess.

Leaf Hair Hoop Tiara

The leaf hoop is more like a hairband for little girls. As the name suggests, it has pretty leaves and little flowers embedded in the band of the tiara that sits atop the head of your little girl. Depending on where you buy it from, it is available in different colours, but the classic white and gold looks absolutely stunning. It matches most hairstyles but looks the best when paired with a lovely hair bun.

Crystal Crown Princess Tiara

This little crystal-studded tiara looks similar to a princess’s crown. It has many small colourful or white crystals on it and sits on top of the head like typical crowns do. It makes a perfect fit for the little heads and looks amazing with open hair or loosely tied braids as well. You could dress up your little princess for a party, and this tiara would go perfectly with the look. In fact, some older women wear this design too during their special days while wearing the hatton garden engagement rings.

DIY Real Flowers Tiara 

For those who are the artsy type, you could make a DIY tiara. It could be a little activity for you and your child as well. Using real flowers and a plastic hairband, a crown can be made very easily. For inspiration, check out real designs and try to imitate the same. The easiest way is to stick the flowers, leaves, and other decorative items on the plastic hairband with glue or tape and get the ‘princessy’ feel. It would also make your child feel a lot more special knowing you made it for her.

Multicolour Floral Tiara

Since not everyone is the art and craft type, here’s another cool design you can buy from the store. A multicolored floral tiara that goes all the way around your head like the flower jewellery tropical women wear is the latest trend. It is usually worn by the birthday girl for parties. There is a Hawaiian look to this design, and it looks very refreshing with the colourful flowers. This can be worn with casual attires too.

Queen Studded Tiara

Make your princess look like a real Queen with this original studded tiara that has one large stone in the middle. It is usually surrounded by smaller stones of other or similar colours around it. The center look is often blue, resembling the real crown worn by queens of earlier times. This is a very classy-looking tiara if mostly worn for photoshoots or social media posts. You could dress your little one in a pretty dress and this tiara for her birthday party, though. It will definitely be a head-turner.

We know she already is your precious little princess, with or without the tiara. But the crown will simply add a little sparkle to match her eyes. To complete her look and as a birthday gift, you could get her a lab grown diamonds hatton garden ring or necklace or even a beautiful pair of studded earrings to go with the lovely tiara.

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