Top 6 Outdoor Subscription Boxes You Must Try 


Whether you are looking to navigate rugged terrain or camping in the wilderness, it’s always good to have the required gear to make your trip more enjoyable. However, with numerous adventure gear available, travelers often get confused prioritizing the most critical ones. 

Outdoor subscription boxes eliminate this confusion by offering essential items required for making outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and fishing seamless.  먹튀

The market is flooded with outdoor subscription boxes that make excellent gifts for travelers, many of which have been carefully selected to make your outdoor adventures easier. Outdoor subscription boxes cover a wide variety of interests like- health, beauty, fitness, reading, food, and hiking. 

Choosing a subscription box can be challenging, particularly for people looking for their first trip in the wild. The following part lists the top six outdoor subscription boxes suiting every traveler’s needs. 

  1. BattlBox 

People who prefer adventurous tours mostly search for best monthly outdoor subscription boxes in 2022. If you are also looking for one, choose BattlBox as it provides different outdoor subscription boxes with exciting items. BattlBox is a premier survival subscription box provider worldwide for the right reasons.  

They allow you to choose from four different packages- Basic, Advanced, Pro, and Pro Plus. This four-tiered subscription enables you to choose the one based on your needs.    

  • Basic: the most basic subscription plan costs $29.99/month and is ideal for beginners. The items include manuals, emergency supplies, and survival tools  
  • Advanced: With a monthly cost of $59.99, this plan includes all items from Basic along with hiking essentials, EDC gear, and more  
  • Pro: The Pro plan starts at $109.99/month and is best suited for professional individuals. Items cover everything from Basic and Advanced plus items like sleeping bags, backpacks, and watches.  
  • Pro Plus: Perfect for an outdoor enthusiast, the plan starts at $159.99/month. Items include everything from the above three plans, including the top tier products from TOPS, Gerber, etc. 
  1. Crate Club 

Crate Club is another premium quality subscription box containing survival tools and gear handpicked by experts. What makes this subscription custom box special is that a team of survival enthusiasts tests each piece of equipment. 


Professionals handpick the gear, and the boxes are available under three plans  

  • Lieutenant: This crate is ideal for new adventure seekers and includes survival and self-defense tools. The quarterly cost is $49.99.  
  • Captain: With a quarterly subscription plan of $99.99, this crate combines tactical and survival gear to prepare you for anything in the wild.   
  • General: Commonly used by professionals and survivalists, this is the complete package costing $399.99 quarterly. Items include EDC tools, tactical self-defense gear, and bulletproof bag inserts. 
  1. Nomadik 

One must have noticed Nomadik’s advertisements if they follow hiking or backpacking-related material on Instagram. Their boxes include new and creative equipment for hiking, camping, kayaking, and other outdoor activities. They put more than $60 worth of gear in each package, and they customize the stuff based on your interests. 

  1. Alpha Outpost 

There are a lot of outdoor subscription boxes to pick from at Alpha Outpost. You can find trekking poles with multiple attachments for snow, dirt, and rock in the Trail package. It consists of a waist pack, water bottle, and a trail patch that reads “Take A Hike.” 

Members of this subscription box receive items to enable them to explore new locations, gain new talents, and forge their pathways. Every month, you’ll get different things, and your membership payment will always be handled on the 3rd. However, you must be a member for at least three months. A cancellation fee may apply if you cancel before the three-month mark. 

  1. Barrel & Blade 

Barrel & Blade focuses on tactical gear, making it an excellent subscription package for hunters, trappers, and ex-military men. That is the ideal target audience for Barrel & Blade since you are the ones who can truly identify whether or not a piece of gear passes the test. 

When you sign up, you can choose between a Level 1 or Level 2 membership. Level 1 Membership boxes are worth more than $85 and contain tactical, survival, and EDC goods. Level 2 membership boxes are more than $110 in value and include more gear and higher-quality products. 

6. Isle Box 

Travis Tamez and Kolin Karchon, two outdoor enthusiasts, co-founded Isle Box. A Mountainsmith Day Pack, a two-liter water reservoir, a flashlight, a National Geographic Road Atlas, and a National Geographic National Parks Guide Book are included in their ‘National Parks Box.’ 

Initially, you’ll have the option of purchasing a Seasonal Pass, a Seasonal Box, or the National Parks Box. You can also pay for six months or a year’s worth of boxes. 

Each box will typically contain a “big-ticket” item, two “auxiliary goods you’ve probably never seen before,” and two snack items. Thermarest, Smartwool, MSR, Klymit, and National Geographic are among Isle Box’s most valued partners. 


Rigid boxes are excellent for anybody who likes to travel and get travel-related items and information every month. The ability to pick from several things makes it more personal and valuable. Hence, the above article can help you choose the best outdoor subscription box for your needs.