Top 6 Wholesale Jewellery Suppliers in the UK!


Do you know top suppliers of  Wholesale Jewellery UK  as a retailer? Do you know which wholesale jewellery supplier is the best option to buy from in the UK as a retailer? If not, then this post will serve as a guide for retailers to know top suppliers of wholesale jewellery for their retail jewellery store. 

To appear stylish from head to toe, there is always a need for some fashion accessories like jewellery. Historically, jewellery has been the most needed fashion element when it comes to looking fashionable and attractive. Not all types of people, mainly women, wear jewellery. However, still, the jewellery industry is growing and in demand. Therefore, it is necessary to talk about top wholesale jewellery suppliers in the UK to support retailers’ way of buying jewellery.

Mainly Silver

The first on the list is ‘Mainly Silver’ delivering high-quality and luxurious jewellery items for more than 20 years. When it comes to Wholesale Fashion accessories, especially jewellery, ‘Mainly Silver’ takes the lead among others. The mission of the wholesale company is to change jewellery designs time by time to meet customers’ jewellery needs. The company is supplying multiple wholesale jewellery items all over the UK. Due to higher sales and a strong customer base, the company takes a minimum order of £100.

Jewellery World

The second top supplier of wholesale jewellery in the UK is ‘Jewellery World.’ The company is also offering Wholesale Fashion Jewellery for more than 20 years and that is why the company has long-established its trust and reliability among its clients, across the UK. The company supplies wholesale jewellery at reasonable prices, while promising reliability and quality of jewellery items. The most appealing feature of the company is linked with its custom jewellery designs on the demand of loyal customers. The company is also supplying wholesale jewellery in different regions of Europe while charging little delivery charges. Therefore, retailers other than European ones can also buy wholesale jewellery from the ‘Jewellery World.’


The third top listed supplier of wholesale jewellery in the UK is The company has been providing jewellery items at a wholesale level for more than 10 years. In the past few years, the company has developed at a fast pace just because of its customer base. The company prefer quality over quantity and that is why the company is always open for everyone to even buy one single piece of jewellery. Recently, the company has reached the top position among other Wholesale Jewellery Suppliers, in the Manchester area. Therefore, retailers with their stores in Manchester should consider as its top priority when buying wholesale jewellery items.

Amber Jewellery

Not only retailers but also individual customers can contact ‘Amber jewellery’ when buying wholesale Jewellery. The most appealing aspect of the wholesaler is linked with the fact that the wholesaler only delivers custom jewellery designs according to your demand. So, retailers with their particular jewellery designs for their retail stores can take benefit out of the custom offer of the ‘Amber jewellery.’ is also a leading wholesale jewellery supplier in Birmingham. If your retail store is in Manchester, for example, you should only buy Wholesale Jewellery Manchester only through ‘’ However, if you are in Birmingham then you should consider The company has been supplying wholesale jewellery for more than 12 years now with its strong client base in Birmingham and around as well.

Radford Accessories

Last but not the least, ‘Radford Accessories’ is also a top wholesale jewellery supplier, retailers should consider in the UK. The company has been working for more than 40 years, but not in the top 5 because of its multiple price range wholesale jewellery items. Also, the company has been not working to offer custom jewellery. However, still, the company has created a competitive environment for all other wholesale jewellery suppliers, in the UK. The delivery time of the company is less than others and its price range is also varying as it deals with cheap as well as expensive wholesale jewellery.

One of the plus points of the wholesaler is that it also offers an urgent delivery option of one business day within which the company promise to deliver jewellery otherwise no charges. Therefore, retailers should consider buying from ‘Radford Accessories,’ especially when they need cheap jewellery items or need to deliver urgent jewellery delivery to their loyal clients.

Concluding Remarks

In conclusion, it is apparent that wholesale jewellery is in demand in the UK. Many UK wholesale jewellery suppliers have long-established their business identity. Trust and reliability of all the above-mentioned top wholesale jewellery suppliers have the actual reason behind their strong customer base. Therefore, retailers should consider buying from the above top 6 UK jewellery wholesalers. In case you need more info such as about Wholesale Plus Size Clothing, click here and leave us a positive comment as well.