Top Tips to Hire a Crane in Australia


When you want to start your next project, it is very important to effectively and safely complete the project so that you feel confident with the equipment you are using. Instead of buying, hiring a crane is the best option for lifting heavy equipment. Lifting heavy equipment is very delicate, and you should never take this decision lightly. Whether you want to Crane Hire Perth for the short term or the long term, efficiency and safety are the two most important considerations to making the decision. 

To ensure you are getting the right crane, it is very important that you have to gather some important information on standby. To help you choose the right crane for your project, we provide you with some top tips below, regardless of whether you are considering a big or small construction crane hire service.

Determine The Capacity of Crane:

Cranes are specially designed to lift and move heavy loads and equipment from one place to another. When considering what type or model of Crane Hire Perth to use, it is very important to check the task requirements. Moreover, check the maximum height and how far you want to carry the load. These requirements will vary from one project to another. For example, if you construct a skyscraper, Tower Crane is always the right choice.

On the other hand, self-electing cranes work great for smaller construction projects. With a lift height of 20m, self-erecting cranes are recommended for home or smaller office renovations. The crane’s capacity goes hand to hand with the height of the lift. When you are using a crane for your project, it is very important to note that the capacity decreases as the height of the lift increases. 

Hire Fully Trained Crane Operator:

As the manager, it is your responsibility to oversee the project to ensure that all your staff is well informed about operating plant equipment safely. It is very important to be well aware of all the potential hazards while using a crane. Therefore, ongoing training is essential. In Australia, stipulate the level of competency of a crane operator, so make sure that you are by these regulations. Furthermore, crane operators need a High-Risk work License. It is very important to get the correct license to project yourself and the site employees. 

All crane operators must be fully aware of chemical exposure, lighting, temperature and walking hazards. It is also very important to consider the environment in conjunction with the crane’s capabilities. So, when you want Crane Hire Perth, it is very important to make sure they use highly experienced drivers and crane operators to ensure safety and compliance.

Obey The Health And Safety Regulations:

When you hire a crane for the first time or have a Crane Hire Perth in a different state or territory, it is good to brush up on your knowledge of Australia’s health and safety regulations. It is not only important to make sure your team is acting safely to reduce the risk of injuries or fatal errors, but it is also very important to stop your project from being subject to prosecution. However, these rules and regulations change over time. Therefore, it is handy to stay up to date with any changes. Permits are often needed when operating a crane, so it is really helpful to create a checklist before you start to ensure you are operating within the law.

Costs of Crane Hire:

Crane costs differ from model to model. Various variables that contribute to the Crane Hire Perth price include the type of the crane, tonnage required, location and whether you need an operator and craftsman. Therefore, it is very important when you need Crane Hire Perth that get the complete details of crane hire rates.