An Introduction to the Most Popular Types of Signs

Types of Signs

As any business owner who has commissioned outdoor advertising materials can attest, not all signs are created equal. While some printing companies settle for low-quality inks or offer a limited range of colors, Austin Signs & Printing doesn’t. They offer yard signs, direct-to-substrate printing, and custom Sign Printing for all industries and occasions. Below are just a few of the services available to Austin business owners and residents.

Full-Color Yard Signs

Yard signs can be seen dotting just about every lawn and street corner in the leadup to election season, but don’t be fooled. They’re far more versatile than people might assume. Yard signs can also be used to promote service-based businesses, indicate properties for sale, and more.

Most organizations order standard sizes and shapes of yard signs, with the most popular being 24″ by 18″, 24″ by 12″, and 18″ x 12″ rectangles. However, there’s no reason for customers to limit themselves to these basic shapes and sizes. Custom-shaped yard signs created using Coroplast die-cutting can draw even more attention.

Types of Signs

Full-Sheet Coroplast Printing

Coroplast is a printing substrate made of corrugated plastic that resembles a cardboard sheet. The hollow, fluted design makes Coroplast signs strong yet lightweight, so they’re perfect for outdoor applications that require multiple postings. The best part is that volume ordering can lower the cost of Coroplast printing.

Full sheets of Coroplast are 4′ x 8′ in size. They are created using outdoor inks and can be finished with metal grommets, score-cutting, or steep stakes. Coroplast signs are waterproof and maintain their bright colors for years, which makes them a fantastic option when low-cost, high-volume printing solutions are needed.

Foam Board and Gater Board Printing

Foam board is another lightweight material, but unlike Coroplast, it’s used only for indoor displays. Most customers order foam board signs to replace posters since they can be placed easily into sign frames. Foam board is 3/16″ thick, can be contour-cut, and often features double-sided printing.

Gater board is similar to foam board, but it is stronger and waterproof. Gator board comes in both white and black and can be prepared in 3/16″ or ½” thicknesses. It’s great for both indoor and outdoor applications but cannot be contour cut.

Aluminum Parking Signs

Aluminum parking signs come in standard sizes and finishes designed to meet industry standards. They can be reflective or non-reflective. Either way, aluminum parking signs add an air of legitimacy to the parking lot of any business.

Additional Material Options

The products described above are the most popular options. However, Austin Signs & Printing also offers other materials, including:

  • PVC, which can be cut, drilled, and formed.
  • Sintra, which is only used for indoor displays.
  • Styrene and polystyrene inserts for retail sign frames.
  • DiBond and Max Metal, both of which are composed of thin sheets of aluminum with plastic fillers for added rigidity and versatility.

Reach Out for a Quote

Whether customers already have the perfect sign design or brilliant ideas that need some professional perfecting, Austin Signs & Printing is here to help. No project is too large or too small, so reach out to request a quote today.