Common Types of Website Monitoring You Need To Know in 2021

Five kinds of website monitoring essential for the maintenance

Website Monitoring: Websites have become an integral component of business identity. When your potential customer visits your website, you don’t want him/her to return empty-handed or disappointed. To avoid such an unfortunate occurrence, you need to maintain your site at all times.

A website has lots of components working simultaneously. In order to maintain its good performance, you need professionals. Who are capable of looking into all the components there in the stake. For this reason, most businesses hire professional companies with experienced teams for website monitoring.  

This article aims to highlight the importance of website monitoring by listing the types of monitoring services you must acquire.

Five kinds of website monitoring essential for the maintenance

Website monitoring is a complex job that entails the initiation of a connection of a website and then seeks a response code. You have to check for content availability, and monitor the loading time of each page. And ensure the certificates have not expired while the website is running.

Following are the kinds of monitoring that you need to know and that require you to seek professional help:

API Monitoring

API monitoring is about checking the availability of the website. Availability is simply defined as the uptime of a website. There are some basic monitoring checks which help you decide whether a certain set of tools and services are functional. In basic website and API monitoring, the checks are mostly revolving around the responses from APIs and responses.

With these monitoring checks, you will be able to measure the size and timing of the incoming responses. And you thus get alerts for delayed responses. Get in touch with one of the companies for website maintenance in Dubai to ensure your website’s availability round the clock.

Advanced availability monitoring

There are some advanced and specialized monitoring checks which professionals use for verification of DNS records. Some of the automated monitors with specialized functions can help them check the SSL certificates and their configuration. These also enable the website management team to query databases, download content from FTP servers, and log on to available email servers.

Server availability monitoring

A website monitoring function works when a device or a server recognizes the IP/TCP protocol. This recognition of TCP/IP protocol enables a monitoring service to verify the availability of the device. These monitoring services, which run checks on the availability of servers and ports, are efficient enough to check the availability as frequently as every minute.

Thus, checks on server availability can save your business the cost that many businesses have to bear because of site downtime and loss of productivity.

Website performance monitoring

A website’s performance is extremely important to maintain. But what exactly is website performance? Website speed and loading time are one of the primary measures of performance. Performance monitors usually assess the time of connection speed for both the website front end and back end.

In a full-page performance check, the testing engineers find out the performance data in detail regarding the entire page elements. You will be able to get alerts for issues, and errors on the page, for missing content and slow connection speed with the help of performance monitoring checks.

Functionality monitoring

Some monitors called transaction monitors, or website application monitors are capable of testing the functionality of website elements. Professionals make use of script files and let them interact with the site search, forms, payment systems, and shopping carts.   

The transaction monitors act like regular website visitors and interact with the web application to verify paths and identify those which are dysfunctional. Whenever there is an error in functionality, or the performance is low, the website support staff will receive an alert. When you have professionals for your website, this technical support gets easier to carry out, along with detailed website maintenance.

Website monitoring is essential for business identity!

Website monitoring of many kinds. Some have been elaborated above in this blog. Whether you want to carry it out or not is not the question because it is absolutely necessary for maintaining an online identity if your business. Now comes the next question: how can you conduct it?

Well, hire a professional company that has an experienced team of developers to provide technical support 24/7. And run monitoring checks on website or API availability, advanced availability, serve or device availability, functionality, and performance.

If your customers reach your website, but it fails to load or takes longer than usual, you might have just lost a customer. Thus, you need to avoid website downtime at all costs. Whether it is external monitoring or internal, it is important for your business. Leave the technical decisions to your development and technical staff.

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