Vibrant Nights: The Best of Tanzania’s Nightlife Scene


Tanzania is a country that’s renowned for its stunning natural beauty, from the Serengeti plains to the white sandy beaches of Zanzibar. But there’s much more to Tanzania than just its daytime attractions – it also boasts a vibrant and exciting nightlife scene. 

Party Spots in Arusha

If you’re looking for a vibrant nightlife scene, Arusha is the place to be! From the colorful markets to the bustling bars and clubs, Arusha has it all. Here are a few of our favorite night spots in the city:

  • Umoja Bar

If you’re looking for an authentic African experience, Umoja Bar is the place to go. You can dance the night away with live music and local DJs while sipping on tasty cocktails.

  • Lemon Summer Garden

This hip bar has a cool vibe and plenty of outdoor seating so you can enjoy some fresh air while grooving along to live music or DJs.

  • Kili Beach Club

This beachfront bar is the perfect spot for some relaxation or dancing under the stars. Enjoy unbeatable views of Mt Meru while sampling some of Tanzania’s best drinks and snacks. For an unforgettable evening out, there’s no better place than Arusha!

Night Time Dining in Dar Es Salaam

When the sun goes down, the city of Dar es Salaam comes alive with vibrant nightlife. Whether you’re looking for a cozy dinner for two or a wild night out on the town, there’s something for everyone. 

The city’s diverse culinary scene offers a variety of restaurants to indulge in flavorful local dishes, such as seafood, grilled meats and curries.

For an unforgettable dining experience, consider one of the floating restaurants along Msasani Bay, where you can enjoy fresh seafood while admiring stunning views of the Indian Ocean. 

If you’d like something a bit more intimate, head to Kivukoni Fish Market before sunset and find some of the best grilled fish in town. Or, if you’re looking for an adventure, stop by Wonder Warthog Pizza Bar & Café – where you can enjoy classic Italian fare while serenading by talented local musicians!

Whatever kind of experience you seek, Dar es Salaam has something to offer everyone – so try something new and explore the vibrant nightlife scene.

The Bars, Clubs, and Live Music Scene in Zanzibar

You won’t be disappointed if you’re looking for a night out in Tanzania. You’ll be spoilt for choice, from bustling bars and clubs to live music venues and even outdoor cinemas. So whether you’re looking for a wild night out or a more relaxed evening, Zanzibar has it all. Let’s look closer at Zanzibar’s bars, clubs, and live music scene.

Swahili House

If you’re after an unforgettable night out, Swahili House is definitely the place to go. This lively club plays host to some of Tanzania’s best DJs every night of the week. They also serve traditional Tanzanian snacks and drinks, so it’s a great spot to get into the local vibe.

The Local Pub & Bistro

If clubs aren’t your thing, The Local Pub & Bistro is the perfect place for an evening out with friends. There’s plenty of local beer on tap and a great selection of wines and spirits – plus delicious pub grub like fish & chips, burgers, and fries!

Live Music Venues

Tanzania also offers plenty of options when it comes to living music venues. From laid-back beach bars to larger venues with top acts from around the country, there’s something here for everyone! So if you want to experience some great African music on your trip, this is definitely worth checking out.

No matter what type of nightlife experience you’re after in Tanzania, you won’t be disappointed – so let loose and enjoy yourself!