Wall Decoration – Give Your Wall The Look You Want!

Wall Decoration

Wall decoration creates atmosphere in the house. Wall decoration determines the look of the living room, hallway or bedroom. Photos, together with your accessories, largely determine the atmosphere at home. Those smiling photos of the holiday give your home a cheerful look, that beautiful photo of that beautiful flower field gives a calm look. Wall decoration therefore largely determines the atmosphere of your room.

Let’s start with the different types of wall decoration. Which wall decoration is actually available and what are the differences? Each wall decoration has its own characteristics and therefore provide a certain style. That is why I am going to guide you a bit in this blog and I will list the different options for you.

Photo on canvas, popular wall decoration

A canvas picture print is extremely popular. This is due to the special properties of canvas that ensure that a photo on canvas becomes very beautiful. The canvas surface is not completely flat, it has a kind of honeycomb structure. This structure ensures that less sharp photos also look nice on canvas. With a photo on canvas, the colors are slightly less bright, because the ink absorbs into the canvas. A photo on canvas normally hangs about two to four centimeters from the wall, this gives the photo some depth. What is important when yomultiu order a photo on canvas: part of the photo falls over the side, so always pay attention in the editor to make sure no important part of the photo is missing.

Photo on aluminum

With a photo on aluminum you can choose from white aluminum or brushed aluminum. Both variants have a different appearance, so it is important that you pay close attention to which variant you order.
With brushed aluminum, the structure comes out extra well in the white parts of your photo. The metal background gives a cool industrial look to every photo. A photo on white aluminum has bright colors, razor-sharp details and a matte finish. An advantage of a photo on aluminum is that the photos are printed super sharp, the colors are very realistic. With brushed aluminum the white top layer can reflect a bit, so that the photo can sometimes look a bit different due to the light.

Canvas horsetail / canvas horsetail photo gallery

I think the canvas multi-panel is really fantastic. The striking multi-panel is a real eye-catcher. A multi-part on canvas is several canvases of one photo. It is also possible to order a multi-panel on canvas photo gallery. This way you order several canvases that you hang together, so that the various photos become one whole. Super cool in a contemporary interior and for anyone who wants something different on the wall. A canvas multi-panel has the same properties as a photo on canvas.

Photo on wood

A photo on wood is printed on poplar wood. The wood fiber structure is clearly visible and gives a nice effect to every photo. The running direction of the wood fiber can differ per print. A photo on wood provides a rural look and is good in a rural or modern interior.

We recently added a new product to our range, the photo on wood luxury.  This beautiful wall decoration has a cool, but also natural look. The wood is treated with whitewash, so that your photo is clearly visible. Your wall decoration consists of wooden planks with a thickness of 1.2 cm. The hanging system is automatically included, so you can easily hang your photo on wood on the wall. In total your photo will hang about 3 cm from the wall.

Photo on acrylic glass

Acrylic glass is a great substrate for photos. This unique type of glass allows a lot of light to pass through, making your photo extra sharp. The top layer of an acrylic glass sheet has the added advantage of having no visible structure, so even the smallest details are printed very sharply. Acrylic glass ensures bright colors in your photo. This wall decoration really pops the colors into your living room. Great!

Photo on forex

Last in this list, but certainly not least is the picture on Forex. This elegant wall decoration creates atmosphere in your living room. Forex is made of foamed PVC sheet. It is super strong, while being only 10mm thick. Due to the light weight, you can easily hang a photo on Forex in any room. The matte finish ensures that your photo will always look good. In addition, a photo on Forex has a number of advantages, the material has a scratch-resistant top layer, ensures a super sharp print of your photo and the color range is very large, so you can enjoy bright colors. Forex is also very suitable for a photo in, for example, the nursery.