What are the causes of Erectile Dysfunction? And How Do I stop it?

Erectile Dysfunction
Erectile Dysfunction

A serious sexual condition that reduces the erection strength of males is erectile dysfunction. Also, some men have lost the strength of their penis muscles to enjoy a sex experience that is extraordinary. Because of various causes of erectile dysfunction men are afflicted by psychological pressure. In some instances, erectile dysfunction can also lead to infertility. Thus, the proper treatment of erectile disorder can lead to an enjoyable sexual experience. This may include medication like Cenforce 100 for males as well as other home remedies or natural solutions.

If you’d like to know what causes erectile dysfunction look below. In addition, you will find a variety of options for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in the following section.

What can be the possible reasons for ED?

Different causes of ED can cause several issues in the sexual lives of couples. The most important reasons for erectile dysfunction which can affect the pleasure of sexual sex, are listed below.

Heart issue

Heart issues or heart diseases are the main cause of a weak erection. Due to heart-related issues, the body’s blood vessels weaken and are smooth. Therefore, it’s difficult to keep blood flow flowing to every organ in the body. If a person suffers from heart disease it is difficult to get adequate circulation to his female genital area. Therefore, he is unable to have a good erection to sexual intimacy.

High blood sugar level

Another major reason for erectile dysfunction is high blood sugar levels. In addition, individuals suffer various health issues as a result of high blood sugar levels due to the fact that it weakens muscles and reduces their power. This makes it difficult for someone with diabetes to maintain an appropriate sexual erection.


The increase in cholesterol levels is one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction. The elevated cholesterol levels enlarge the blood vessels. This means that blood circulation does not function properly within our bodies. If one has high levels of cholesterol the blood can’t reach his genital region. This is why high cholesterol levels can lead the patient toward erectile dysfunction.

Hormonal disorders

Erectile dysfunction may be caused by a hormonal imbalance. Every human body isn’t created equal. Similar to different body structures and organs, the flow of hormones differs. Therefore, erectile dysfunction in males is often due to the lack of hormone flow. In the case of hormonal disorders the muscle strength and strength decline, which causes erectile dysfunction. Cenforce 200 treats ED.


Penile injuries and spinal injuries are also significant reasons for erectile dysfunction. In the aftermath of these injuries, the penile muscle loses strength. This can make it difficult for men to have an erection to sexual sex. In addition, many people don’t have enough strength to walk in a straight line to prevent injuries to the spine. Erectile dysfunction cause affects the sexual health of a man.

Excessive smoking

Smoking too much causes a variety of health issues. Men also experience lung and heart issues due to smoking cigarettes for a long time. Smoking cause’s blood vessels don’t perform as well. This is why men are uncomfortable when they get an erection. Additionally, smoking too much causes problems in your personal life.


Sleeping in a sufficient amount ensures good health for humans. Furthermore, proper sleep eliminates stress, depression, and anxiety from our bodies. So, a good night’s sleep is essential to an enjoyable sexual life. If a person doesn’t sleep well the body does not receive proper blood circulation to the genital region. This causes erectile dysfunction.

Alcohol consumption

Erectile dysfunction. Drinking excessively and taking drugs cause a variety of heart problems. This causes men who have erectile dysfunction.

Medical causes that Lead to the development of ED

Apart from physical reasons many medical causes can cause erectile dysfunction. The most important medical causes that reduce muscle strength, causing a decrease in the number of erections can be found below.

Drugs side effect 

There are many physical reasons behind it, but also the medical cause such as the side effects of medications can trigger erectile dysfunction. Medicines used to treat heart disease can have a substantial influence on the ability to an erection. Similar to that, medications for anxiety, high blood pressure and hormonal imbalance, cancer, and Parkinson’s disease can cause erectile dysfunction. Because of the adverse effects of these drugs and the blood flow in the penis of a man does not perform as it should. It can cause erectile dysfunction.


Moreover, stress causes erectile dysfunction. Stress reduces the strength that the body. Also, it reduces muscle strength. This makes it difficult for males to achieve an erection while under pressure.


In the same way, depression can be the most significant psychological reason for erectile dysfunction. Depression is a cause of sleep deprivation and the blood flow is reduced in your body. In some instances, the men lose the desire to have sex due to depression.

Treatment Options for the ED

Once you know the causes of erectile dysfunction in men, you require a medical procedure that is appropriate. The below treatments can be beneficial in treating the problem of erectile dysfunction. Let’s take a look at them briefly.


The medicines like Cenforce 150 can increase the time to erection for men. These medicines are all instantaneous and give strength to the penis. After taking these medications you can experience an erection within a couple of minutes and hold it for at least an hour. Different particles in erectile dysfunction medications increase blood circulation within the genital area.

Vacuum pump

Vacuum pump therapy can be extremely efficient in treating erectile dysfunction. There are some negative side consequences, but it gives instant erection. In addition, a vacuum pump causes pressure on the penis, which increases blood flow. You can then keep the sexual erection for between 30 and 60 minutes. Following that, you’ll be able to have fun with your sexual pleasure.

The use of shock wave energy

Additionally, the use of shock wave therapy can be an effective method of treating erectile dysfunction. In this procedure, low-intensity shocks are applied to the penis in order to induce an erection.

End of line

In the end, many causes of erectile dysfunction such as psychological, medical, and physical factors can affect the strength of men’s erection. If you wish to prevent the erectile problem, select the best treatment as quickly as possible.