What is Conversational Support and Why Does Your Business Need One?


In today’s business ecosystems, customers expect brands to put them first, and the best way to achieve that is through conversational support.

Conversational support focuses on providing personalized assistance through messaging channels while proactively solving common issues consumers face.

Being a message-based or bulk SMS strategy, conversational support is personal and a highly efficient way of engaging customers and retaining brand loyalty.

According to one study, it was revealed that 84% of customers want an immediate solution to their problem instead of circumnavigating other channels to find an answer. This is what conversational support offers. But why should you care about it?

Why Should Your Business Care About Conversational Support?

Everyone with a phone uses real-time messaging every day. Conversations through messages has become an integral part of modern society.

Establishing a customer support system around this communication is essential to providing stellar customer support. It provides an easy and recognizable way for customers and clients to get answers to their problems and questions.

Here are the benefits of conversational support to businesses:

1. It Allows You to Help More Customers

Managing more than one customer through email or phone is incredibly difficult. Anyone who has worked in the customer support team will tell you this.

It leads to a backlog of queries and longer waiting times for customers. This means increased pressure on employees.

The customer care team can help many people through a messaging system at once. Bulk SMS, for instance, can be used to solicit feedback or open a 2-way communication with the customer.

But this is possible when working with an bulk SMS provider, particularly if integrated with a CRM system. Eventually, less time is wasted, and operations will be

2. It Brings Down the Cost of Support

The operation cost will be reduced by easing the customer care effort and reducing the time spent helping customers. When you compare the cost of a phone call with that of bulk SMS, the difference is conspicuous – you will pay more with phone calls.

For instance, the cost of a single SMS can be as low as 0.5 shillings. Why is this interesting? Because you can send up to 1000 texts with half the number as the cost.

By introducing automated messaging, a business can save a significant amount and spend that cash on other growth aspects.

3. It Can Increase Sales

People who reach out to a brand are customers or prospects. Offering them quick solutions to their problems will keep them coming back. You’ll have established yourself as a listening partner.

Customers always want to feel that they are put first and in good hands. Handling their issues effortlessly establishes trust and loyalty, which is critical to lead conversion. This will help you sell faster.

4. Your Customer Support Team Will Thank You

Like PR officers, the customer service teams occasionally bear the brunt of displeased customers. Using messages is one way of politely calming the heat.

It is easy to lose your cool when you are on the phone with a disgruntled customer. This is why SMS is the safest bet. Plus, when you help them quickly, customers will have one less thing to whine about.

To this end, the customer care department will thank you for introducing conversational support as a strategy to better and enhance communication.

Make Life Easier With Conversational Support

We’ve all been on the receiving end of a customer support system that holds our calls when seeking help.

Well, your customers and business deserve so much better than that. Conversational support is an effective strategy for maintaining your industry’s transparency and credibility. It fosters accessible communication, faster support, and reduced cost of operation.

Don’t believe us? Try out Celcom Africa’s SMS gateway API integration to see just how easy it is to communicate with customers through bulk SMS.