What role reviews and ratings play in determining the authenticity of an online institute?

What role reviews and ratings play in determining the authenticity of an online institute

The sudden and ravaging COVID19 pandemic was a disaster for the world economy. And unfortunately, the most developed countries took the biggest hits. As a result, industries all over the world dependent on their resources went through even worse consequences. Indian IT industry is no exception, job losses became commonplace and the value of work went down at a remarkable pace. Thankfully, due to the dire need for increasing efficiency of operations and processes, businesses and public sectors are gradually leaning towards analytics. This sudden disposition is creating new opportunities for IT professionals.

The accompanying lockdowns also presented an opportunity for skill development. The struck-at-home time is arguably the most favorable temporal window for preparation and practice. Professionals all over the world looking for a shift in their career path, are opting for online courses in order to become proficient with analytics.

The internet is full of traps and menaces, keen about stealing hard-earned money by spreading confusion. This article will discuss the ideal correlations between ratings and reviews with the presented image of an institute. So that an enthusiast can find justice for the willingness. 

Relationship with student success

A good institute is expected to present the identity details of the former students who generously tried to review the institute in order to guide the juniors. An institute choosing not to do so must be avoided in the first place. 

If provided with the necessary information, it is wise to investigate the professional standing of that individual for a clearer understanding. Additionally, if it is possible to reach out to the senior one must try and do so with enthusiasm as well. This validates the claim of an institute regarding the support on their behalf when it comes to placements.

Relationship with actual performance 

Imagine a scenario where an institute of no significant stature and low success rate receives a rating as high as the top-ranking ones. Most likely, the ratings and adulating reviews are bought by the institute in order to attract more candidates to their cause of making unfair money. Something as suspicious as these must be avoided at all costs. 

Relationship with reviews 

Reviews are the most authentic and reliable first-hand accounts able to shed light on important aspects of an institute. But this extremely reliable source can be manipulated by the sheer power of finance. Thankfully, it is possible to identify and avoid a fake review by following a few simple methods. Hence, before reaching any conclusion it is wise to consider investigating the reviews and the reviewers a bit. 

Author’s words A search with Analytixlabs students rating reveals a perfect example of transparency and boldness. Analytixlabs since its inception held on to one of the top ranks in the country and is known for its honesty. The institute never got a rating below 4.5 on any platform. And the reviews presented on their website unfailingly present the identification and contact details of the reviewers.