What to Know Before Buying the Engagement Ring?

Engagement Ring

Finally, found ‘the one’ and can’t wait to ask her to marry you? In that case, there’s a big task that needs your urgent attention, i.e., ring selection. If you have never purchased one before, getting started on ring shopping can be complicated.

Back in the early days, getting your hands on the right engagement ring was an easy task! You picked a family heirloom or asked your soon-to-be fiance about her favourite diamond cut.

Today, with various options available in engagement rings, you need to be more careful while making such an investment.

Before heading to the jeweller’s and popping the big question, you must verify a few facts. You need to plan a budget, decide on shape and size, and pick the metal for the band. However, that’s not all!

To educate you more about the engagement rings, here are 4 points!

Focus on the 4 C’s

If you have never shopped for a ring before, you might not know how crucial 4C’s can prove to be. These factors are as follows:

  • Cut: The quality of the diamond cut will directly affect its ability to reflect the light.
  • Colour: D-Z grades are assigned to determine the diamond’s lack of colour or how white it is.
  • Clarity: VS1 or VS2 clarity grading indicates how flawless the diamond is. Here, the blemishes and incisions are not visible to the naked eye.
  • Carat: After the 3C’s have been decided, find the biggest carat weight for the ring.

After you have gained a basic idea about the 4C’s, you can start getting into more details about picking the right engagement ring.

Select the Band Metal

Choosing a suitable metal for the band is equally important as it will complement the main star of the setting, the diamond. Generally, people pick platinum or white gold for a modern, sleek look. These metals work well with white or colourless diamonds.

You can also select rose gold, which has a soothing appearance and works well with retro designs. It is created by alloying gold with other metals like copper or silver. Rose gold is also known to suit all skin tones equally well.

Pick the Diamond Setting

The diamond is held on the ring band with the help of a setting. It is directly responsible for protecting the stone from any external damage and highlighting its elegance and beauty. There are multiple types of settings available. Some of them are:

  • Prong: Here, 4 to 6 metal spikes hold up the diamond differently. Mostly, this type is found in cathedral rings.
  • Bezel: A metal strip is moulded around the stone to provide maximum protection.
  • Halo: It includes tiny diamonds circling the bigger one, thus adding more grace and sparkle to the ring.

Add Side Stones

If you want to add a pop of colour or more sophistication to the engagement ring, you can start by selecting side stones. You can add different stones like diamond baguettes or pick channel/pave sets.

You can also pick a coloured side stone based on your personal preference. However, ensure that the overall clarity matches that of the specific diamond.

Wrapping Up

You need to consider multiple factors like 4C’s, metal of the band, and the addition of the side stones. You also need to pay proper attention to its design, which has been rated the number 1 factor in selecting engagement rings by 86.2% of women.

If you have all the specifications, you can begin hunting for the perfect piece of jewellery for your dream lady!