What’s a Technical SEO Audit? Best Practices For Beginners

Technical SEO

What’s a technical SEO?

Technical SEO > The whole practice of earning a site technically strong for search engines and users with the best objective of improving search engine rankings.

  1. Technical SEO creates your site prepared for Simple crawling and indexing.
  2. Interrupts search engine optimization of your Site.
  3. Interrupts consumer navigation of your Site.

Technical Seo Audit Best Methods and How to Conduct a Technical Seo Audit

Once We are about to start a site technical SEO audit, these variables will be the most important to test on

  1. Canonical Issues
  2. Indexed Error
  3. Crawling Errors
  4. User-Friend URL
  5. Sitemap.xml
  6. Robots.txt
  7. Meta Tags
  8. Schema Markup
  9. Website Speed Test
  10. Check Broken Links
  11. Some Error Code – 404, 402,406…
  12. Redirection Issues
  13. Duplicate URLs
  14. SSL Issues
  15. AMP Issues

Canonical IssuesTechnical SEO

technical seo
Canonical Issues

When you’re receiving the very same content on multiple pages, then search engines can not know what type could be the appropriate page, and that means you’ve got to ensure there’s just 1 variant of your site either using www or with no, remainder all variants should be redirected to it.

If your internet site has multiple variants of their home page, then it merely means that your competitors is on your own.

Crawling Errors

Crawling and Indexing are important factors that you want to think about. You’ve written good material also caused it to be online but if google is not in a position to crawl this page, What is the use whenever you can not access your pages ranked on SERP.

  • To Earn Your pages crawlable and have indexed by search engines follow the following measures
  • Compose exceptional articles together with inner linking.
  • Create your site design correctly.
  • Check robots.txt and also make certain you’re not obstructing important pages.
  • Check your site header section and ensure you aren’t utilizing a no-index label.
  • Utilize the Search Console’s URL review tool and scrutinize the URL in case it’s some problems and simplify these.


technical seo
  • It is going to have each URL of your site and let us search engines crawl each webpage.
  • Publish your site search console and earn google to come across your pages.
  • It upgraded every fresh page/post automatically.
  • Makes easy indexing and crawling.
  • Learn errors on search engines and also fix those ASAP.


Robots.txt is really just a robots exclusion protocol,” It limits search engine spiders from crawling and also you may also write simple code just like things to creep and what to creep.

  • User-agent: *
  • Disallow:
  • Allow:

“User-agent: *” signifies search engines bots

“Disallow” means that it really is restricting robots out of seeing pages of internet sites.

Check your robots.txt file and Allow robots crawl All of Your important pages.

Meta Tags

Meta tags would be the HTML tags(title and description) which are placed in your own site header. After you upgrade the appropriate title and description search engines will demonstrate exactly the exact same on SERP if users search.

Attempt to use 60 characters and 150 characters for meta title and descriptions .

Schema Markup

Schema Markup is your code your location onto your Site to inform Google what’s your webpage, post, organization, faq, etc.

  • Schema markup permits google to reveal improved SERP.
  • CTR may well undoubtedly be , since you put in this schema markup.
  • When you’re taking care of the technical SEO audit for the site, Make sure your schema will not have some errors.

Website Speed Test

technical seo
Website Speed

Users consistently enjoy rapid loading web sites and search engines perform exactly the very exact same, If your web site does not load faster, then the bounce will likely soon be . Ensure that your internet site loading rate is below 3 minutes.

Utilize google page rate insights to see all of the topics your web site is loading slow and fix those issues.

Check Broken Links

Broken links will damage your internet sites if users are surfing your web site should they detect some broken links that they can depart from your site immediately, finally, the bounce speed will likely be high.

Once it comes to search engines when your web site has broken links that they can not discover your pages accordingly crawling errors will occur.

  • When you’re carrying out an SEO technical audit, keep an eye out for your broken links and also connect them into important pages.
  • A number of these webpage could possibly possess 404 errors(not seen ), whenever you will look for that a 404 page, simply redirect it into the appropriate page perhaps
  • maybe never into your house page, even in the event you realize there isn’t any appropriate page, simply build a custom 404 page and cite a note.

Redirection IssuesTechnical SEO

The redirection series happens whenever there are several redirections between your destination and source URLs.

Let us assume your internet site a.com is shifted into b.com and also you also redirected a.com into b.com and you shifted your site b.com into c.com and also you also redirected b.com into c.com, this really is actually the case when redirection chains have been formed, that isn’t suggested. This redirection chains may need more time for you to load your sites, and finally, your internet site loading period will likely soon probably be.

  • All you’ve got to do is merely re direct a.com into c.com and b.com into c.com, simple.
  • Do not neglect to inspect redirection chains whenever you’re doing a site audit.
  • Attempt to fix ASAP since these problems damage your internet site loading rate.

Copy Content

Users love to learn that the original articles and search engines too, whenever you have nice and one of a kind articles that your web site resides time will probably be .

Attempt to discover duplicate content with Copyscape, Quetext and fix that ASAP.

Occasionally you might have exactly the exact same content on multiple pages if you feel those pages really are important to make utilize of the canonical tag and then also tell google that’s the page, so google can just consider initial page articles if crawling. In the event you never desire numerous pages and also utilize canonical tags, simply divert the copy pages into the page.

SSL IssuesTechnical SEO

Security Disability Layer Certification would be your nice addition to the machine, allowing a security communication between browser and server.

  • Google favors https (secured sites ) within the HTTP(unsecured sites )
  • If you focus with SEO audit search for all these problems, should your find any effort to fix those just as you possibly can.

AMP Issues

  • Accelerated cellphone pages introduced with google, AMP let your cellphone pages load faster on slow networks.
  • This really is among the important ideas that you need to think about once you execute a technical SEO audit.
  • Learn all AMP issues on search engine SEMRush and mend them out.


Do not bother just how to run a technical SEO audit, Contemplate all the abovementioned facets once you focus with a technical audit for the site and ensure your internet site remains technically sturdy.

In case your upgrade distinctive and appropriate content along with also your internet site will be technically strong, fundamentally you’ll receive the very best SERP for your own consumer search questions.

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