What Stage of Sleep is Hardest to Awaken?
What Stage of Sleep is Hardest to Awaken?

When traveling in an RV, it is essential to ensure your safety at night. However, what is the best places? Where to look? Discover our tips for sleeping safely in an RV!

Sleep safely in a motorhome

The first option available to you to sleep safely in a RV is to focus on service areas and campsites, most often equipped with barriers and a video surveillance system. In addition, there is strength in unity 😉

 You will find municipal areas and/or campsites in most municipalities. Failing that, there are specialized networks, whose areas are accessible after purchasing a card.

Sleep safe 

In private households

If you are looking for human contact during your RV trips, solutions also exist to allow you to combine encounters and safety.

Thus, the USA network allows you to stay for free on the land of more than 2000 farmers, winegrowers, artisans, etc., by purchasing its annual guide. The opportunity to discover the USA differently, to make great encounters under the sign of sharing, and to enjoy the tranquillity of places surrounded by nature. 

Another solution to sleep safely in a RV without opting for specialized networks, camping with a private individual. Thus, platforms are allowing you to rent the garden from an individual. 

On free areas

Maps and free area guides are essential for your RV trip! They will make it easier for you to find a location for the night and will make it easy for you to find a camping area. They will save you time and so you will get the most out of your vacation. 

 During your road trip, stops “full of water” and “maintenance of cassettes” will be necessary for your itinerary. You will find service areas using the map and the guide… which will quickly become your new favorited traveling companion! 

Dramatize the outdoors

It is perfectly possible to sleep safely in an RV… in the heart of nature! As soon as a path or a semblance of parking exists and you are not camping, you have every right to do so.

Our advice for safe sleeping in the middle of nature:

  • Don’t look for a place to sleep after dark
  • Arrive before sunset to soak up the area and check its general condition. Indeed, an environment degraded or littered with debris and other detritus does not inspire confidence. You must have a good feeling to have a peaceful night’s sleep.
  • Check your legal rights with the authorities or local in case of doubt
  • Finally, keep your keys and phone nearby in case of an emergency

Consult the reviews

To put the odds in your favour, we recommend that you consult the opinions issued by other RV operators. 

 Indeed, the latter lists the “nice places to spend the night or rest”. These places (areas, car parks, campsites, etc.) are evaluated by the users of the application, who can add photos to their opinion as well as details of any services. 

Areas to avoid sleeping safely in a RV

Before letting you sleep safely in a RV, here are some places we do not recommend spending the night:

-Port areas 

-Bus and train stations

-Motorway areas

Now that you know everything, it’s time to put all of these great tips into action by purchasing a vehicle from Best RV dealers in Mississippi, Memphis Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana!