Why is Netgear WiFi Extender’s SSID Not Accessible?

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Whenever you want to connect to your Netgear extender’s network, you use its network name or the SSID to connect. The network name or the SSID is the name you give to the WiFi network of the device. You may or may not have a password to connect to the network.

Are you facing issues while connecting to the Netgear WiFi extender’s network using Netgear_ext SSID? Have you tried connecting other devices to the network? Is it only on one device or no other device is connecting to the extender’s WiFi?

Whatever may the situation be, we can help you access your WiFi network. Try out the simple yet effective solutions given in this post to get rid of the connectivity issue.

Why Can’t I Connect to Extender’s SSID?

If you are having trouble connecting to the Netgear extender’s WiFi using its SSID, then you won’t be able to use the internet connection. In that scenario addressing the issue becomes important. But what could have happened that you can’t use the internet? This section will help you understand the same.

Here is a list of the most common reasons that create trouble in connecting to the WiFi network:

  1. The device on which you are trying to access the network has the WiFi option turned off.
  2. The device is outside the range of the network.
  3. Netgear extender is not fully powered on.
  4. Internet connection is not good.
  5. Faulty and loose cables are causing connectivity issues.
  6. There is a technical glitch with the network or networking devices.
  7. The extender is not properly connected to the host router.
  8. Out-of-date firmware is installed on the extender.

Let us now help you resolve the problem.

How to Fix Netgear Extender WiFi Connectivity Issues?

Get to the Network Area

Before you get into the troubleshooting part, we suggest you check if you are trying to connect the WiFi from the coverage range of the extender or not. Come a little closer and then try to connect to the SSID of the extender. In case it does not work even now, then you should try the next step.

Turn on the WiFi Option

If it is the mobile phone on which you are trying to access the Netgear extender network, make sure the WiFi is turned on. The same is true with the computer or laptop. On PC, you should also check the adapter settings. Enable the adapter if it is disabled.

Examine the Extender-Router Connection

The Netgear WiFi extender should be connected to the host router in a proper manner. The router serves as the source provider for the extender. In case this connection is not good, then you wil surely face WiFi connection issues with the extender.

Go ahead and examine the connection by checking the cable if used to connect them. Also check if the right ports are used and if the cable is inserted firmly or not. Mend the connection if you feel there is an issue with it.

If you have made the connection in a wireless mode, then see to it that the distance between the devices is not more than necessary.

Plug the Device in Another Socket

An adequate power supply is essential for the devices to work correctly. If the extender or the router is not turned on fully due to fluctuation in the power supply, then you will not get connected to the WiFi. It is recommended to check the wall socket for any damages or if the power adapter is loose. You should use an alternative socket if the current one has some issues.

Get the Firmware Updated

The firmware on your Netgear extender should be running on the recent version. In case you haven’t updated your extender for a long time then you should do it now. To get the firmware upgraded you should use a LAN cable to connect the PC to its network first and then access mywifiext.net URL to log in to the extender. Now update the firmware on your extender.

What if You Can’t Connect via LAN Cable?

There is a possibility that you won’t get connected to the extender’s network using the LAN cable also. In that case you should perform a power cycle of the whole network. Power off the devices and power them on after some time. You will be able to get connected to the Netgear extender network now.


We hope we helped you fix the Netgear extender network connectivity issue. Now that you can access its network, you can browser internet and get your online tasks done.