Why is Organizational Change so Important?

Organizational Change

Organizational change can be daunting to employees. They may not know what to expect from organizational changes, how to break old habits, and why these changes are happening. When we get comfortable, we don’t want to take ourselves out of the box and try something new because we’ve settled into a routine. 

Organizational change forces you out of your routine and into something new. New routines can be difficult to adjust to in your personal life, let alone your professional one. What will make this adjustment so much easier is if you explain to your staff the reasons behind your organizational change. That way they can see that it’s a good thing and something that shouldn’t be feared. 

If you’ve decided to make organizational changes, you may have done it because of the following… 

Technology changes

Ever since the start of the internet, organizations have been changing more and more to fit with the times. There are so many new ways to communicate and get your brand out there, that you have to adapt. 

Think of it this way, before there was the internet there was just word of mouth, magazine ads, and billboards. When the internet was first introduced, successful companies saw it as a way to get more business. They created websites for their customers to shop on or log into to learn about their services. 

And when customers first launched their websites, they needed to make huge organizational changes too. They would’ve had to hire people or train people already hired to run their website. They would’ve had to change the way they distributed products because now their getting online orders as well. 

At first, it probably seemed like a scary thing to implement but now, all these years later, we couldn’t imagine businesses being run without the help of the internet. For more ways technology has impacted business, click here. 

Customers evolve

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The pandemic has shifted a lot of things in business. Before customers were evolving but now their needs and wants seems to have shifted more drastically than before. They expect better customer service, safer stores, and constant availability. They’re going to stores less and shopping online more. Without reacting to these changes, we can’t hope to keep up with their needs. Other companies will swoop in with new products or better services that fit this new customer’s needs. That’s why change is so important. 

Look at it this way, the pandemic changed the way we structured our businesses not because of the virus itself, but because of the customer’s reaction to the virus. We wanted to make things safe, so storefronts and businesses implemented safety measures that were new and frightening for those participating in them. But these policies helped earn customers’ trust and keep them coming back through troubling times. 

Economic impact

When the economy is strong, businesses see increased demand for their products and services. They see an enormous boom of wealth and prosperity that they have to grow to meet these successful times. This might include hiring more staff, creating different teams, or restructuring the company to fit its growth. 

But when the economy turns on a dime, businesses are hit hard. I wish there was a full-proof way of preventing economic recession or disaster but there’s not. When recession hits or a global disaster strikes, our economy can be affected negatively. 

Many times, businesses struggle and fail to stay afloat during weak economies. Huge decisions have to be made to protect the business and the people running it. Organizational change is even more important because without it businesses can’t hope to survive.

Budget cuts, staffing shortages, and complete restructuring might be the only way to prevent your company from going under during times like these. That’s why it’s important to have organizational plans that can change quickly and prevent possible staffing cuts from happening in the first place. Follow the link for more information on the economy’s impact on business. https://www.forbes.com/sites/billconerly/2017/04/26/your-business-and-the-economy/?sh=3ada8ba43e55 

It helps your company grow faster

Whether you’re in an economic boom or not, change is going to help your company grow like crazy. Growth gives your employees a chance to broaden their horizons, learn new things, and practice creativity that can better the company overall. 

Let your staff know that you’re implementing these changes to benefit them and the business. Give them training and the tools to succeed and grow and I guarantee you that you’ll see results. Employees are happiest when they feel like you’re taking an interest in them as people too. If they know these changes will benefit them as people, then they’ll be less likely to resist these changes. 

Hopefully, you understand just how important organizational change is and why it’s so important. Without it, your company can’t grow, which will ultimately negatively impact your workers. When you’re explaining to them why these new changes are important, make sure you do it in a way that’s clear and shows them how they can benefit from the changes as well.