Why Should You Choose a Contested Divorce in Wisconsin?

Contested Divorce in Wisconsin

In a contested divorce, the legal authority of both parties is at issue. Rather than voluntarily initiating divorce proceedings by filing for a divorce, parties will contest the validity of the marriage in order to preserve their respective rights.  It is essential to hire a Wisconsin contested divorce lawyer when you opt for a contested divorce.

A contested divorce lawyer will help you get the most out of your divorce agreement. Actually, a contested divorce is one of the court cases that requires the presence of a lawyer for both parties. The reason is that there could be different legal consequences and outcomes if you do not have an attorney to represent you in these proceedings. There are different aspects to consider when it comes to a contested divorce, which makes it all the more important that you seek the services of an experienced and qualified attorney. 

For now, let us look into the main reasons for choosing a contested divorce.

  1. The concealment of assets

There are cases where the assets of one spouse are concealed by the other. It is difficult to prove that your spouse has hidden away your shared assets especially if you don’t have any kind of evidence or proof to back up your claim. The only way to save yourself from financial ruin is to contest your divorce. Without a doubt, it is much easier for you to prove that you are entitled to all or most of the assets if you have a contested divorce lawyer representing you in court.

  1. The best interests of children

If you are a parent, you will agree that there is nothing more important in this world than the needs and development of your kids. Children need stability in their lives and they will face many difficulties if they are separated from one of their parents. The divorce lawyer in Wisconsin can help improve the fighting environment between two affected parents by taking all the necessary steps to protect and maximize the best interests of your kids.

  1. Abuse in the marriage

If you have been subjected to abuse by your spouse, you are entitled to a divorce as long as it can be proved. The process of obtaining a divorce will be quite long and difficult if you do not have an experienced lawyer on your side. You might find yourself in a situation where you have to admit the abuse in order to prove it.

  1. Spousal maintenance

Spousal maintenance is a very important aspect of a divorce case. If you are unable to prove that you need spousal support, you will be left with nothing if your spouse decides to opt for a no-fault divorce. It is important to take the necessary steps to ensure that your needs are met and protected under the law.