Inventory, Payment Options & Shipping Options: Wix Vs. Shopify


Both Shopify and Wix have been great platforms and depend on unique demands. Depending on the technical confidence, the size of your business, and your budget, you can choose the platform. You can make a comparison on Wix vs. Shopify on some parameters like inventory and product features, payment, and shipping options.

1.   Inventory And Product Features

Considering sales features, Shopify is more powerful than Wix as you have a wide range of aspects. With Shopify, content plays an integral role and while Wix is all about selling online. If you do not want to sell products or do business, you can go with Wix. However, if you need more complex features, go ahead with Shopify. Also, it can cater to shipping, automated inventory, and restocking.

2.   Shipping Options

In the complicated shipping journey, Shopify will always assist you from free shipping to alternative shipping providers. It also provides contact-free and flexible shipping choices. So, you will never encounter any problems while using Shopify.

Wix allows you to track orders, taking advantage of drop shipping, setting tax rules with every product, etc. But still, you will require apps for global shipping payments. It provides app integration with ShipStation that streamlines the process of sending products.

3.   Payment Options

In Shopify, you have more than 100 payment getaways, but Square is not supported here. Also, you have to pay a processing fee if you are not using its getaway, Shopify Payments. It has tipping during checkout, customized text for donations, etc. All traditional payment methods are supported on Wix, like Square, PayPal, and Stripe. However, digital platforms like Amazon Pay and Apple Pay are not included. It does not have an in-house payment system, but no transaction fee is imposed.

The Verdict

Both platforms have different advantages and disadvantages, and depending on your business, you can decide which one to choose. You can tell better who will be a better choice for you. Wix is recommended for starting a new and small business and requires an inexpensive entry plan without eliminating the features. It is easy to use and comes with several other aspects.

Shopify is for large businesses that need a powerful platform supporting long-term growth. You will need a larger budget to start using it, and the platform is great for impressive sales and app stores. So, the question is what type of business you have, and accordingly, you can go ahead and opt for the one.