Celebrity Hairstyles That Will Make You Rethink Long Layers on Long Hair

Long Layers On Long Hair

Long layers on long hair were a palette cleanser of smooth, straight mono-length hair, thanks to the 90’s obsession with them. Today, however, we are slowly coming back to our love of layers. You can forget about the less-than-desirable mushroom shape that became so associated with 90’s celebrities because the new version is much subtler. The 2.0 version, on the other hand, is all about adding cool-girl texture and a little well-placed volume to your straight hair.

Here is a list of celebrity hairstyles that will make you rethink long layers.

Nicole Beharie-Curly Long Blunt Cut

A long blunt cut like Nicole Beharie’s, according to stylists, might be beneficial for curly or wavy hair types searching for a lot of control or for people who live in a humid environment (as the added weight helps manage the curls). Add shape to an overall simple haircut with a deep side part.

Jourdan Dunn-Sassy Wavy Short Bob

Jourdan Dunn’s short hair has been tapered to give it more structure, which we love. To achieve the appearance, have your hairdresser add longer, invisible layers above the jawline.

Melanie Fiona- Subtle Wavy Hair

Melanie Fiona’s ‘do tick all the criteria when it comes to a fantastic wave set that’s both effortless and rich in texture. Wrap one-inch pieces of hair around a 1.5-inch curling iron, starting at the root and working your way to the tip.

Alanna Arrington-Curly Hair

Add slight layers to curly hair and give ringlets bounce and height. Drop a quarter-sized amount of Defining Curl Cream onto your palm for a smooth look to ensure your curls have a maximum definition (and look ultra-glossy).

Zendaya- Long Layered Hair

Zendaya’s long layers on long hair are the ideal length for her glossy straight locks. Her overall look is a match made in beauty heaven, with a center part and thick brows. Apply a hair lotion to prime the hair, and a good shine spray to finish it off.


Winnie Harlow- Layered Curly Hair

Winnie Harlow’s haircut demonstrates the strength of layers and their capacity to raise naturally curly hair. A small amount of curl-enhancing gel can make a big difference.

Mary J. Blige- Piece Fringe Hairstyle

Mary J. Blige wears her hair in a piece fringe to avoid the weight of a denser hairstyle. This layered cut with a swoop bang is suitable for people with petite faces and angular bone structures. Create small bends on the ends of your hair with a curling iron and a clamp.

Kerry Washington- Shoulder Length Layered Hair With Bangs

To copy Kerry Washington, add barely-there curtain bangs and subtle piece highlights to your shoulder-grazing lob. Apply a couple of spritzes of Shine Hair Spray to her tresses for a shiny finish.

Oprah Winfrey- Layered Voluminous Hair

If you like wearing a lot of layers, you have something in common with Oprah Winfrey. This style is best fashioned with flips, movement, and loads of volume for persons with thick hair who prefer a short style. Short bob lengths can exaggerate round or large faces, but the shape can be adjusted with this volume, and the face appears smaller.

Alicia Keys- Shoulder Length Layered Curly Hair

If the notion of cutting your curls with scissors makes you nervous, consider Alicia Keys’ advice. Layers offer volume, definition, and texture, and curled bangs are always fashionable. Just don’t go overboard with the layers. If you don’t cut it visually and very slightly, you’ll end up with a mullet. Use a Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam to bring this hairstyle to life.

Halle Berry- Layered Blowout Hair

Look to Halle Berry for proof that a simple blowout can add volume and elegance to your hair. She wears hers with delicate layers and an undone fringe.

Ciara-Sleek Neck-Length Bob

Look to Halle Berry for proof that a simple blowout can add volume and elegance to your hair. She wears hers with delicate layers and an undone fringe.

Rihanna’s uneven Layered Curly Hair

We never thought we’d be envious of Rihanna’s flip-overdue of her uneven curls and extra-long layers, yet here we are. Use hairspray on the root for a strong grip. It’s perfect for really long hair and anyone seeking to extend their face.

Beyonce’s Wavy Layered Long Hair

Take a page from Beyoncé’s book if you want to attain a vintage glam look without going full-throttle. Her dimensional layers accent her S-waves, which she produced a one-inch curling wand and a thorough ear tuck.

Gabrielle Union- Layered Bob

Gabrielle Union’s elegant bob is the stuff of hair dreams. Ask choppy layers for dimension and texture, and slick one side of the hair down with a mattifying pomade to achieve the look.

Jada Pinkett Smith- Perfect Bedhead Look

Jada Pinkett Smith’s imperfect bedhead is causing a lot of hair-spiration. Warm up some of your favorite styling hair cream between your fingers. Run it through the bottom half of your layers to achieve these tousled waves.

Taraji P. Henson- Asymmetrical Layered Bob

We love a low-maintenance bob with asymmetrical layers and a side shave, but how about a jaw-grazing bob with asymmetrical layers and a side shave? It progresses from practical to fashionable. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for Taraji P. Henson’s cut.

Zoe Saldana- Low Layered Ponytail

With this effortlessly put-together low ponytail, Zoe Saldana gives us some head-turning princess vibes. This is a terrific style for those growing out their hair or using finer hairs around the hairline. Curl random bits of your ponytail and leave a few face-framing layers out on display to achieve the look—and don’t forget to use a dry texture spray.

Jennifer Hudson’s Pixie Cut

Jennifer Hudson’s eye-catching pixie illustrates that even with ultra-short strands, layers are possible. Use a hair pomade to highlight the different lengths.

Iman- Face Framing Layers

This long layered cut with dramatic facial framing is a universally attractive appearance. Blow-dry the hair in small parts until it is completely smooth. After blow-drying, use a flat iron to eliminate all curls and then finish with a curling iron.

Logan Browning-Curly Hair

Logan Browning’s curls are just the right length at shoulder length, and the addition of delicate layers keeps the bottom from looking too heavy. To add definition and tame flyaways, use Curl Enhancing Smoothie.

Jazmyn Simon- Voluminous Short Bob Hair

What’s the secret to short bobs? There’s a lot of it. By chopping in layers that thin out at the bottom, Jazmyn Simon achieves her asymmetrical bob. Apply a volumizing mousse to the hair and let it air dry to lift it.

Vivica Fox- Blonde Ombre With Dark Roots

With this style, Vivica Fox taught us one thing. be bold and get your roots dark. Her nicely curled shoulder-length ‘do, which seems like it was created with a blow dryer and a wide round brush is one of our favorites.

Jordin Sparks- Voluminous Long Curly Layered Hair

Jordin Sparks’ thick, side-swept bangs and voluminous mane are everything but flat and lifeless, despite her long hair. Spray a medium-hold hairspray on your side bangs to keep them in place.

Robin Givens- Luscious Layered Hair

We can’t decide which of Robin Givens’ beautiful lashes, delicate highlights, or spiral waves we adore more. Request invisible layers and curl hair with a one-inch curling wand if you want to do it yourself.

Angela Bassett-Blunt Bob With Jagged Ends

Like Angela Bassett, spruce up your blunt bob with jagged edges. This looks great on most hair types, but it’s especially good on angular faces with good bone structure and petite features. The style is best achieved with a flat iron, which creates slight bends and kinks in the hair rather than making it totally straight.


So, what is your take on layered long hairstyles? Are you ready to flaunt one for yourself? Add layers to your long luscious straight hair or wavy hair and see the difference for yourself. Just like the above celebrities, you can also nail layered hair and wear it with confidence. Having long layers of long hair is just a salons appointment away ladies.