Upgrading Your Patio Doors to Create a Bohemian Aesthetic

Patio Doors

Hudgens is loving the bohemian look that her iron doors give off – and who can disagree with the queen, right?

It’s time that you give your patio a fun spin with some fashionable iron doors that create the perfect look and helps you make your patio a much more relaxing place than ever before. Patios are a great place to unwind after a long, tiring day, especially when all you need is some silence, a glass of wine, and a long time under the stars.

So, when you expect so much from your patio, don’t you think it’s time to give it the décor that it deserves?

To make your patio stand out, it’s important to incorporate patio furniture that is out of the world. Try incorporating a vintage porch swing, some colorful and lively plants, and a few bohemian ornaments and rugs to pull the whole thing together.

Don’t compromise on the whole aesthetic trying to save a couple of bucks on the door – ditch the old wooden door aesthetic and opt for iron doors that completely transform the vibe of your patio. Let’s take a look at why iron doors are the perfect choice for your patios!

Why Choose Iron Doors

Improve Aesthetical Appeal

Patios are a huge part of your house, and it’s essential to make them look put together, attractive, and aesthetically pleasing. Iron doors can do the perfect job for you – these doors are minimalistic in design, yet can make a huge impression on anyone that stumbles upon them. Their large glass panes can help you create a natural vibe for the adjoining room as well.

Enhance Property Value

A house with a separate patio would do brilliant on the market on its own. Pair that with a killer patio iron door, and you’ll see how much the value of your property increases. Iron doors are a great investment for any house – they give a modern and artistic look to the overall aesthetic, which in turn improves the property value altogether.

Brighter, Spacious, & More

Iron doors have the ability to completely light up your house, especially if you’re using them as patio doors – their large glass panes will allow you to bring in natural light, and the opportunity to create a common natural element.

The extra natural light will then make the adjoining room appear far larger than it was intended to be. What more could you want?

Popular Patio Door Choices

Sliding Doors

One of the most popular choices for homeowners is sliding doors for their patios. Sliding doors are super convenient and easy to use. These doors are a great way to add some structure to an area where there isn’t enough space to support a pivot or hinged door.

Sliding patio doors run along with a casement and are great to look at. Their minimalistic frame, and large glass panes will make your room appear larger, more unique, and be naturally lit.

These doors are a great addition for anyone trying to up their patio door game!

Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold doors or accordion doors, are another very popular choice for patios. Homeowners pick out bi-fold doors to create the illusion of extended space whenever the need arises. Not sure how that works? Let us tell you – the accordions fold to one side of the door frame, creating the illusion that a large door never existed. It is great if you’re in the habit of hosting large barbecue parties in your backyard!

Pocket Doors

When we talk of iron doors, we can’t overlook the importance of the great space-savers, deceiving, yet classy pocket doors. These doors are a great way to maximize on space, and create the perfect illusion for a larger space.

Pocket doors usually deposit into an adjacent wall, where a cavity is created at the time of installation. This makes it super easy to use these are patio doors. When you need to extend the patio into the living room, all you have to do is close the pocket door, and you’re good to go!

Pivot Doors

While pocket and sliding doors are saving up space, pivot doors are creating an impression worth it all. Pivot doors are usually fixed in one spot, and can rotate two ways at once. These doors are super attractive for any household!

French Doors

If you want to go for a traditional look, French doors are the answer for you. Double French doors are the right way to go if you want elegance, a natural element, and some state-of-the-art doors in your patio.

These iron doors have large glass panes that allow more light and air to pass and make the house spacious, bright, and more attractive.

Pinky’s Iron Doors for the Perfect Patio

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