Your year: how to implement financial digital marketing in 2022

how to implement financial digital marketing

The start of a new year always promises new potential for digital marketers and we are just about wrapping up 2021. As a newcomer to the financial communications game, you might be seriously considering ways to implement your digital marketing strategy in 2022.

If you’re looking to take your financial communications to immediate heights in the new year, here are five ways to ensure you’re on the right track:

  1. Work on your brand image

Any business newcomer needs to immediately define a brand image to be a contender. Branding is not only essential to your overall marketing strategy but it is a core aspect of your business’s overall success.

One of the best places to start is by telling your brand’s story: who are you? What do you stand for? What are your values and how will you look after your clients’ best financial interests?

Once you have defined your brand image then this has to be nurtured through strong customer service and ongoing marketing strategies.

  1. Set clear marketing objectives

The first question you have to ask is this: why is your business utilising digital marketing and what do you want it to achieve through its implementation? You have to define your business’s digital marketing goals in a manner that is highly realistic before breaking them down into individual tasks.

You may be implementing a digital marketing strategy for some – if not all – of these reasons:

  • You’re trying to increase brand awareness;
  • You’re looking to generate more conversions, leads & sales;
  • You’re looking to win web traffic in the digital era.

Whatever you’re reasoning, once you know your brand’s objectives for implementing a digital strategy, you should be able to break them down into smaller, doable tasks e.g. running Facebook and Instagram ads to increase brand awareness, making clear landing pages to generate leads etc.

  1. Focus on content

Businesses in the digital era are a constantly moving, perpetually refreshed living entity that can only thrive if the client knows they still exist. So, how can you constantly be on your target demographic’s radar? Through ongoing publishing, of course.

Your brand has to continually publish engaging, entertaining content so that any potential and pre-existing clients know that you mean business and that you love what you do.

If, of course, you are too busy focusing on the actual business as opposed to producing continuous content, you can always speak to an experienced financial communications team who would be more than happy to take up the challenge of bringing your brand to the world.

  1. Don’t be faceless

People are just about getting over the website with stock photos of people that don’t actually work at your company. Make your website your website, including everything possible to make your brand one with a face and not some simple numbers machine.

You will know more than anyone that finance firms build their reputations on trust, and you want to be able to show any leads that you are a real team who cares about your clients’ financial endeavours.

  1. Choose the right medium for you

You don’t want to find yourself investing time, money and creativity into a digital medium or social channel that isn’t targeting your actual audience. Instead, take the time to research and understand your target demographic, defining where they digest their information and advertising before you start using said platforms for advertising to them.