10 Hints to Keep a Convincing Directing Business


Being a successful consultant isn’t an easy task, particularly in the beginning when you be viewed as a single-handed paper hanger. You have to split your time between getting new clients and satisfying those you already have. No matter how careful you are with your budgeting time, an unexpected request from a client to modify the project you’ve worked on or the opportunity to offer a bid on the creation of a new project could make everything out of balance.

I’ve had to disagree with a customer who was dissatisfied that her website was not looking good on my laptop contrasted with the display on her budget notebook. It was my attempt to convince her to her that it’s impossible for a developer to accomplish to compensate for a bad display, but she was not buying it.

She also requested that I create new HTML/CSS that would improve the template she selected in exchange for a website that was created by incorporating content into the template. I ultimately fired the client for the time I spent trying to resolve her issues was affecting my ability to offer a good service to my other customers.

In addition, consider the varied demands of clients and you’ll see how difficult it is to run a successful consultancy business, as your time isn’t always own. Below you’ll find some helpful tips that I have learned through decades of running a profitable consulting business, which has seen my year-over-year revenue almost double every year even during the swine flu outbreak of.

1. Know your specialty

One of the most crucial factors you must consider prior to setting up a consulting business is to examine your abilities and expertise to determine a field in which you can offer customers. For my consulting venture I bring years of experience working with Fortune 100 companies and smaller and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) as part of the digital consulting company.

I hold earned a Ph.D. on marketing, and have devoted a lot of my postgraduate studies in direct and digital marketing. I was selected as by the Content Marketing Institute as one of its top 40 influential people in digital marketing. I manage a successful web site on my own and maintain an impressive social media presence within the realm of digital marketing.

If you’re not sure if you have the skills required to manage a successful consulting business, think about working with someone else to get experience and build a portfolio of work you can utilize to get your clients. You can also work with a variety of non-profit organizations to gain knowledge and experience as well as references. It’s not practical to simply put up an ad and claim to be an expert in a particular field.

2. Create a successful marketing strategy

A successful business in consulting requires a well-planned marketing strategy that can draw in new customers and promote the services it offers. Spend time creating a comprehensive plan for your business through conducting market research, defining your intended market, knowing the ways you can assist your customers solve the issues they are facing, and then putting together marketing campaigns that are specifically targeted to the market.

You must do a thorough analysis of your competitors to determine your place in the market- what can you offer that will appeal to the people you want to reach as compared to the offerings of your competitors. Do not assume that a cheaper price will suffice to be successful against your competition.

3. Provide quality services

It is essential to offer high-quality services that are specifically tailored to the specific needs of your customers. Plan out a strategy to provide the best service that you can, and then work to keep those standards. Be open, responsive agile and professional throughout all interactions with clients.

When prospects and clients are in contact, it’s essential to respond quickly even if you say you’ll provide an exact response within a short time (like telling them you’ll provide the information required within 4 hours or whatever is acceptable). Make sure you keep your commitment to provide all the information within the time frame you promised.

In all interactions whether face-to-face, online or via social media, make sure you conduct yourself in a manner that creates trust, since this is your greatest asset when you are trying to be successful in your consulting business.

4. Keep up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry

Consulting firms that are successful stay current on the latest trends in the industry so they are better able to serve their clients. Take part in webinars, conferences and seminars to inform you of what’s happening in the consultancy sector you’re interested in. Find out what the top industry professionals write about.

5. Motivate your employees

The success of a business is dependent on the performance of its employees Therefore, it is crucial to inspire them. Create a work environment that promotes innovation and rewards successful campaigns or projects. Organise regular team-building exercises as well as offer incentives and reward the best performers with promotions or bonuses.

Let your employees be empowered with the tools necessary to provide value to your customers. For example, you could make use of social media automation as well as your team to produce posts that showcase your company as well as its customers.

It is important to use project management software to make sure that your employees are efficient and are able to deliver their work punctually. Do not micromanage your employees because you will then be the primary factor in getting the job done. Let them make decisions that are in the best interests.

6. Networking Events

Networking is a must in the world of consulting. Participate in networking events, get to know potential client and partner, become a member of associations that are related to your expertise, and be engaged on social media sites where you can establish relationships with professionals from the industry business.

Don’t view these events as a chance to find out the number of business cards you can give out. Make connections with the people whom you meet at these gatherings. So, maybe you get a job which is larger than they could manage or requires skills that aren’t in their area of expertise and they ask you to join in to complete the task. Perhaps someone is aware of an opportunity that’s not theirs, which is why they offer it to you.

Also, don’t forget be generous. It’s not a one-way strategy. Retweet the posts of people within your network. Create posts that highlight the work of your network members. Look for other opportunities to assist members of your network, and the rewards will be there.

7. Keep an open mind to any feedback

One of the most effective method to achieve the success of your business is to be flexible to the feedback of colleagues, customers as well as other stakeholders. Pay attention when colleagues, customers, or other stakeholders offer feedback or advice, instead of becoming defensive. Accept responsibility if you’ve have made a mistake and then work to fix the issue. If there’s a miscommunication that is a constant issue apologize and discuss the issue in another method.

The suggestions you receive will be inaccurate or outdated. Don’t argue. Be grateful to the person who helped you and continue forward with your work according to what you think is correct.

For larger-sized consulting firms you can set up an open listening platform to track feedback on your brand’s image as well as find out what’s happening with your competitors and how customers express their concerns or give compliments for the actions of their employees. This will allow you to continuously improve your company.

8. Put money into the latest technology

Consulting firms that are successful make investments in technological advancements to remain effective and competitive. Making investments in high-quality solutions or software that meet your specific needs, such as the management of customer relationships (CRM) and invoicing or accounting solutions make your company more efficient and productive. Maintaining track of your the financials is crucial for any company, therefore having a solid system in place is essential business.

9. Provide reasonable fees

Setting fees can be a major issue for businesses that provide consulting services, particularly at the beginning of their journey. In contrast to other expenses businesses don’t have to share the cost of consulting services. Thus, even though the price of copy paper may be that is readily available to compare prices, consulting services aren’t.

If you have met people at networking events who are in the same market you are targeting You might be able to bounce pricing concepts with them to find out how much they pay their consultant. If you bonded with consultants from different sectors, you may receive some advice from them business.

For instance, I offer digital marketing services which is why I would (and have) inquire about the hourly rate for web design consultants and other B2B-related services. In the end, I determine the amount of time it takes to create what the client requires and then cost according to the needs of the client business.

I usually offer tiered pricing, or an additional service to my pricing. Therefore, for Content Marketing, I provide an option that is low-cost, where I develop an agenda for content marketing which you can implement on your own.

I also offer and a middle-priced plan that includes an amount of posts each week on certain social media platforms and monitoring. I also provide a higher-priced option that includes more posts each week. I also offer additional features such as listening to your audience, websites for landing, online ads or email marketing business.

10. Advertise your company

Consulting firms that are successful are those that advertise their services efficiently. Create strategies or campaigns that showcase your company’s strengths and draw new clients. It is also possible to use the power of word-of-mouth, referrals and content marketing tactics, and various other types of digital marketing to reach prospective clients and establish relations with them.


Being a successful consultant takes dedication, time and a lot of hard work. If you adhere to these tips and you are able to set your company for success. Be aware of industry-specific trends and invest in the latest technology to keep pace with market. Your consulting company reach its maximum potential by having a strategic plan and well-motivated employees business.