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In 2015, a Burleson, Texas house suddenly and inexplicably caught fire. The fire’s source was never determined but given the age of the property, an electrical issue can be presumed to be the cause. Why we ask this question is because this same house had burned to the ground just a few years earlier in 2011. And while it could have just been a freak coincidence or even arson, it turns out there’s more than meets the eye in this little story.

What is the Burleson mystery and what does it have to do with the surprise at the end of this article?

In 2011 Homeowner Charles Wasko bought this house in Burleson, Texas. According to local records, he paid $126,900 for it. He then proceeded to gut the place before he had it burned down. So why would anyone burn down a $126,900 house? Why not just wait a few years and sell it or rent it out or something instead of destroying it like that? It’s an interesting question that we may never know the answer to. But what we do know is this: Mr.Wasko did not own the Home at the time of this fire and he may not have even been living there. In other words, it’s possible that some entity or person was using this property as a hide-out or other things like a safe house.

Was Wasko the owner of this house at any point in its past? His second wife Sherri says he wasn’t in 2011 when they had that fire too. So who was living there at that time?


There is another interesting story going on here too. When it comes to mysterious fires, there is one common theme that we see. And that’s that fire fighters often take their time when responding to these types of calls. It’s almost like a competition with them to see who can put the fire out last, or even as in this case, not at all.

Selling your House Fast

Whatever the case may be here, if you have a house in Burleson (or anywhere) that you think should be sold FAST. We will buy your house and close fast so you don’t have to worry about the next fire or any other surprises.