4 Important Advantages of Using a Website Migration Service

website migration service

Migrating a website may occur for a number of reasons. It may have to do with having more resources for updates to content and structure, reworking URLs, or opting for a new domain or content management system. Whatever the motivation, you need help from a reputable

website migration service if you want things to go smoothly. Here are four of the advantages that the right service will provide.

Ensuring There’s No Loss of Data

While you may plan on revising some of the contents slightly, you want to make sure nothing is lost during the migration proper. This is important, since it takes time and money to recreate what’s been lost. You can bet that a service will be able to move it all and ensure everything remains intact.

As part of the process, the service monitors the migration process and has quality assurance checkpoints that ensure nothing is being lost. There’s also a complete site check once the migration is done to ensure everything is displaying on the right pages. Think of what that can do to ensure the site is ready for visitors to access.

Preserving Your Page Rankings

The last thing that you want to do is lose the search engine rankings that are so important to the success of the website. One of the ways that a service can help is to ensure that everything is done to ensure those rankings remain secure. Browsers will still find the content relevant and place your pages high enough for visitors to find them with ease.

What you may not realize is that the service personnel may have some ideas on how to do more than preserve the present rankings. It may be that a few minor tweaks to the page descriptions or some other element may be all it takes to increase the page ranks a little. While that may not be the reason for the migration, it can be a nice bonus.

Making Sure the Redirects Work Perfectly

If there are changes to the URLs as part of the migration, it’s important to make sure the redirects from the old ones to the new ones is swift and works every time. You can bet that the team with a website migration service will make sure this happens. The result is that if you have customers who have bookmarked old URLs, they will be notified of the change just before they are taken to the new URLs. That provides them with the chance to update their bookmarks.

See this type of setup as another opportunity to build more rapport with your site visitors. The redirect page that shows up while the process is happening can display your company logo or any other information you want. The result is a fast but often effective means of reinforcing the fact that you want site visitors to know where they are and what to expect at all time. That’s one more way to enhance your company’s reputation.

Enjoying the Ability to Add More Functions

The migration may be an effort to have access to more capacity or in some other way make better use of resources. This is a good time to think about enhancing current functions and possibly adding some new ones. That’s often the case with a business that has grown to a certain point and is poised to enjoy more growth.

It may be the ability to sustain a greater number of connections to your pages at one time. Perhaps you want to add more ways to search the site. Whatever you have in mind, a professional can help determine what can be done and how to ensure it works well for your site visitors.

There’s more to a site migration than most people realize. If you’re thinking about making some changes, hire professionals to asses what’s in place and discuss ways to manage the migration with ease. Once the work is done and the migration is complete, you’ll be glad that you did.