Amazing Launcher apps for Android and iOS


The process of interacting, systemizing, and arranging our mobile apps is called the launcher. Launcher contains several home screens, where we can display shortcuts of apps and widgets. Every mobile phone has a manufactured launcher but when a third-party launcher picks it again and makes the functions more clear. Every mobile has splendid launchers but in some conditions, some new launcher apps are designed if you are not satisfied. As the evolving of technology look of mobile phones also changed frequently and the same is the case with launcher apps.

 When we are talking about the best Android launcher it is not possible to ignore Nova Launcher. This brisk, smooth, and easily customizable launcher balance the appearance look with performance effects, allow you to create a new home screen without slowing other features of the system. There are plenty of functions to play with like color themes, icon packs, drawer customization, scrollable docks, folder set, and infinite setting. It is the mission of the Nova team to continuously add new features for improvement. Niagara is a smart launcher app that manufactured to arrange your apps and notification from front to center. Niagara launcher drawer spontaneously your favorite app surface, and also facilitate through shortcuts of handy alphabets.  This application is updated continuously and shows a great response.

Smart launcher is one of the favorite and most acknowledged launchers because of its simple grid and app sorted folders. Smart launcher 5 has the latest version and includes refinements as well as tons of features. This app has a flower grid and is even still available yet but it’s connected with several other designed layouts to make this app easy to handle. It is not compulsory that you are using mobile or on the web, wisely stored and personalizable app, smart screen, and app drawer always make it easy to use according to your desire. This classical smart launcher is updated with great features like flexible icons and colors, readjust able widgets and much more other customizations.

The smart launcher has a pro version but you must pay $7 to get access to many other features, expanding gesture tools, and pop-up widgets.  AIO Launcher is all about squeezing possible information on the screen. It can show you used apps, received calls, messages, email, system information, and also a calendar of upcoming events. AIO launcher is free but through purchasing can enjoy many other features like widget support, app icons, and notification. This is not companioning interface as other Android launchers but is still a good choice to choose.  Action launcher gives makeover in pixel style and customized it with the latest interface features. It has an adaptive app bar, Oreo-style app shortcuts, and pill-shaped Google search bar. It picks out prominent colors automatically and manages the app drawer, and background folder according to its shade. Reactjs development company got approval from Apple, Paypal Netflix and many other famous companies due to its consistency and almost  2 22 000 companies are using Rj framework for the construction of their websites.  Reactjs development services are making a great network to provide better services to their clients.

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