4 Things Enterprises Should Know About Address Verification


When businesses deal with potential customers, the first and foremost thing they need to make sure is they acquire the right address information from them. Personal data like name, date of birth and address can be of prime importance for businesses that are offering services and products over the internet. Lack of proper methods to acquire this information can result in misplaced deliveries and retired mails that lead to lost business opportunities.

A proper mechanism to verify address information of the customer can help business entities cut chargeback costs that can benefit them in the long run. This also makes room for better customer acquisition and retaining existing customers.

What does Address Verification Mean?

The process of verifying address-related information related to a customer/client is known as address verification. This allows enterprises and e-commerce stores to check whether details like the house number, location and postal/ZIP code are accurate and complete. Users can provide their original identity documents such as a government-issued ID, a driving license and a passport to provide the essential details required for address validation. All the end-user needs to do is upload a document photo and the rest of the details are extracted and verified by the intelligent address verification service (AVS) 

Business Benefits of Online Address Validation

Today, data is the most important thing that a company can have. That is why it needs to be accurate and error-free. Inconsistencies in customer data is a big hassle for companies since they lead to the wrong prospects and end up losing a confirmed order just because of a tiny mistake in the address. On the contrary, if an online address verification solution is in place, it enables businesses to better plan deliveries and complete orders on time. This simultaneously offers a purposeful experience to the customer, one that they actually deserve.   

1- Retaining Current Customers

When it comes to business operations, no corporate entity would want failed deliveries at the wrong address. Talking about the e-commerce industry, this can lead to a fair amount of customer complaints that can not only put a sheer amount of load on your support representatives but also eventually affect the market reputation and brand image. Even the slightest mistake in the mailing address can result in a big loss to the business since the parcel may end up in the wrong recipient.

This is when online address verification comes in handy and solves most issues related to online deliveries and order completion concerns. The solution does not accept incomplete or wrong addresses typed in by customers in the first place. Since most address verification services come with the power of artificial intelligence, it rejects any address that does not conform with a pre-defined format and structure. Enterprises can now deliver customer service that is streamlined and elevate their conversion rate in the long run.

2- No More Returned Mails

Correct and accurate addresses mean that mails will be sent to the right recipient. This way, business entities can cut on customer complaints as well as ensure timely deliveries. Assume a product is delivered to the wrong mailing address and no one lives there, the product or item will be collected by someone impersonating as a legitimate buyer, which is obviously a digital fraud case. When talking about an enterprise level, this can significantly add up to make a huge loss for the business and take a toll on its mailing budget. Online address validation solutions solve this problem by ensuring the right product is delivered to the right customer and no mails are returned.

3- Real-time correction of Errors

It goes without saying that intelligent address validation solutions can transform the way online forms accept data from customers. These AI-based solutions allow customers to make corrections by offering them real-time suggestions on online forms where they submit their payment details and address information. Customers when submitting their personal details can select from a particular set of choices that is not only institutive for them but also allows businesses to receive and work with correct data. 

4- Quick Operations

Courier service providers are faced with many problems as a result of wrong shipment addresses. Apart from that, formatting errors in addresses also delay the speed of business operations that can reduce overall efficiency. Address verification software allows e-commerce businesses to make their mailing service better by taking into account standardized address data ultimately reducing the turnaround time for a single operation. To wrap it up, address verification enables enterprises to manage customer data, interpret it and make sure the product is delivered to the right mailing address. This way businesses can earn a good brand image in the market by ensuring a good customer experience.