Fabric Or Shopify Plus: Which One Is Better?


The recent changes in buying and selling patterns online have opened avenues for various platforms to host websites for e-retail. Fabric and Shopify Plus have emerged as strong contenders in their price and services category. Decentralisation has taken roots in most of the e-commerce platforms and both of them have set their eyes on offering the best variety of Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customer (B2C) services. Let us explore further.

A Bit On Fabric

Fabric is a decentralised, streamlined e-commerce platform that has fast scaling capabilities. Some things that make it special are-

  • Security with SaaS
  • Flexible CMS structure
  • Great scalability
  • Faster transitions and applications

A Bit On Shopify Plus

Shopify development Plus is the best-known, upscale e-commerce platform that has huge scalability and currently resides plenty of major-turnover online businesses. Some things that make it special are-

  • A wide selection of extensions, plugins and add-ons.
  • Outstanding customer support via Launch Manager and Merchant Success Manager
  • Automation of routine tasks through Shopify Flow

Let’s Compare

Now that we know about these platforms, let us dive headfirst into comparison.

  1. Flexibility

Flexibility, in SEO terms, is defined as the limit of freedom given by the platform to a business to customize as per the requirement. Even though flexibility is not an issue in either Shopify or Fabric, the former requires prior knowledge of the platform to go about the business.

  • Price Point

When it comes to price per service, nothing can beat Shopify Plus. Even though Fabric has tried to balance their costs out, Shopify offers a whole range of applications for the minimum expenses. The level of professional service is more or less the same, except Shopify Plus is cheaper.

  • Scalability

The volume of traffic both these platforms can handle is tremendous. Because of their cloud-first storage nature, there are no qualms in choosing one over the other. You can scale you business up or down, depending on the amount of visitors you are expecting. So even though you might need to expand your inventory on Christmas, Black Friday or Thanksgiving for deals, you will have no complaints with either Fabric or Shopify Plus.

  • Customer Support

Even though Fabric has chat bots, FAQs and live support available 24/7, it does not provide the premium attention that Shopify Plus is so famous for. Customer support is the absolute best when it comes to Shopify Plus as they go above and beyond to help businesses grow wherever and whenever.

  • Additional Features

Both these platforms are in league of their own here. Whereas on one hand, Fabric provides a host of micro services  and APIs to push SME growth, Shopify Plus has the ultimate range of bandwidth which allows the merchant to deal with up to 8,000 checkouts simultaneously.

Verdict: Even though one trumps over another in some aspects, what needs to be understood is that the choice to be made should be based on your unique requirements and objectives. No two businesses are the same and how you go about choosing your platform out of these two depends a lot on your values, ideals and long-term goals.