5 Aspects Of A Great Ecommerce Platform


The aspects involved in creating online stores are extremely specific to the needs of the business owners with respect to their websites. Some may prefer their websites to be basic and minimalistic, whereas others may want competitive presets with complex CMS and multifunctional applications. The most important features of any chinese e-commerce platforms are seamless site functionality and intuitive user experience.

If you do business with Dhgate, you can make optimum use of the following five core elements, which are absolutely necessary to create your dream e-store that results in a thriving retail business that is both competitive and dynamic.

The Site Interface Design And User Experience

The e-commerce website’s interface will decide the workability and functionality of the entire site, which will include the layout, placement of images, banners and sliders, etc. This will also include the seamlessness of the site navigation as well as the payment gateway. One core element for any website designed for the purpose of e-commerce, would be to create an optimal blend of interesting interface and simplicity of action. This is sure to impact sales positively if properly executed.

The simpler and more functional it is to browse the website, choose and buy things, the greater the rate of income generated. However, the designing will depend upon the platform and programming language of your choice. There are plenty of choices for that based on your website blueprint.

Cart And Payment Gateway

For the cart, use the most foolproof programming and designing, because if people don’t get what they want at one go, they will lose interest and move on to other contenders in the market. The online payment gateway should be both trustworthy and seamless, as failed payments can make you lose your trust amongst the customer base.

Also, it has become the best practice for e-commerce sites to use the deep discounting method for items, and to run frequent offers and promotions for most products. This will help the shoppers feel that they are getting a good bargain and even convince them to hoard what they don’t immediately need.

Accurate Product Descriptions along with High Quality Images

For showcasing any product online, the site should use high quality real images, as well as detailed and accurate product descriptions, so that the customers do not feel cheated. Since people can’t physically see or touch the item they wish to purchase, as they can in brick and mortar stores, this is extremely important.

Mobile Functionality

Cross-platform interfaces are known to reach the most number of customers, irrespective of the ecosystem they use. It is good to develop mobile apps, but while responsive websites, evaluate the look and functionality of the website on outdated devices and slow networks. While most business owners use flamboyant layouts, replete with videos and slides upon the landing pages, they might prove useless on slow internet connections.

Customer Support

Since e-Commerce websites operate across a vast number of devices and sell a multitude of items, customers can come across occasional glitches and problems. For any successful e-commerce business, there should be a 24/7 customer support system.

Before choosing an e-commerce platform for your business, make sure that it fits the above-mentioned criteria.