Most Common Internet Problems and Solutions

internet problems

Among the most common problems that any internet user faces are lagging and the slow internet. In this super agile environment, a weak link could be such a pain. In this modern tech-savvy world, netizens have no patience for delay and latency. If asked, the majority of them will name poor internet access as the most annoying thing.

We rely on the internet nowadays for practically anything. This is one of the main reasons why slow internet has become such a problem. You still have to cope with outages, sudden lags, and disruptions even though you find yourself the best Internet Service Provider in the world such as Optimum Internet.

The Most Common Internet Problems and Solutions

Slow Internet Speed

The sluggish web is sucking. The annoyance is apparent if your page takes too long to fully load. So, when your internet speed is slow, use the following ways to solve this issue.


  •  Restart the router by shutting it off and then switch it back on. 
  • To get strong signal power, adjust the position of the router. 
  • Upgrade and update the old cable or device

Wi-Fi Not Connecting

When you experience a failure to access the internet while your computer is working, the server is not an external fault. If you can’t load pages, even when you’ve tried it on different machines, then the frequencies and channels are the issue here. Here are a couple of solutions to this issue.


  • Change the frequency or channel if it’s too overcrowded. 
  • Wi-Fi routers provide 2 frequencies to transmit the signals i.e. 2.4 and 5 GHz.
  • There are many channels under all frequencies.
  • You can get more bandwidth and less frequency by altering the frequency. 
  • Modifying the channel would also boost your network connection. 
  • Change channels i.e 1, 6, 11 for the 2.5 GHz frequency as they have less overlap. 
  • 23 channels are available in 5 GHz frequency with no overlap. 
  • Alter the DNS server.

Changing Wi-Fi Password

You will think this is insignificant, but it is important to keep your network safe. You’ll understand what kind of password you have doesn’t make a difference. But you should understand that for individuals, cracking passwords and abusing your bandwidth are fine.


  • Reset your password through the provider’s website or a device app.

Wi-Fi Stops Working

The second often encountered Internet-related issue is when your WIFI has stopped working. You may also apply the solutions we have mentioned in the slow internet speed section to repair the Wi-Fi. If the problem continues or you have problems such as no internet access, network dropouts, or network unavailability, then these tricks may help:


  • Change the router.
  • Update your modem.
  • See if your system needs any hardware or firmware realted upgrades.
  • Check if there is any app or device that is consuming the most bandwidth and disconnect it.
  • Check and disconnect any device which is not in use.
  • Turn off all the apps that are operating in the background.

These solutions will increase the efficiency of your internet and you will experience smooth internet connection.