7 Bright Tips To Care For Designer Sunglasses


Sunglasses are some of the most important fashion accessories that you can own. There is plenty of affordable eyewear that you can find in any shop, but investing in luxury brands like Gucci sunglasses could be a better way to ensure the item’s longevity.  

However, luxury sunglasses can put a dent in your pocket. You need to take good care of it to avoid wasting your money due to damages. Here are the best tips to take care of your designer sunglasses to use for a long time. 

Tip #1: Avoid Scratches 

Nothing is more heartbreaking than seeing ugly scratches on your brand new Gucci sunglasses. To prevent it from happening, you must ensure that you neatly pack it in a protective case if you have no plans to wear it. You must also avoid putting it on top of your dashboard to avoid getting damages from moving around too much.  

Tip #2: Clean The Glasses Properly

Another ideal way to take care of your sunglasses is to clean them regularly. You may choose to clean the lenses using your shirt to get rid of the dirt. But it may do more harm than good. You have to use a microfibre cloth to brush off the dirt and smudges. These cloth pieces normally come with sunglasses.

Tip #3: Avoid Wearing Sunglasses on Top of the Head

It is tempting to flaunt your designer sunglasses any time you can. You may even think that you will look cool if you wear your eyewear on top of your head. But keep in mind that it may loosen the screws of the frame, causing it to fall off easily. It may also cause damages to the nose pads.

Tip #4: Stay Away from Harmful Cleaners

Because of today’s landscape, disinfecting all your belongings after heading outside becomes a norm. But you must never use rubbing alcohol or other harmful chemicals like Windex. You must also avoid natural cleaning materials like vinegar. You can only use specially formulated lens cleaner and a microfibre cloth to get rid of the dirt and smudges that the sunglasses accumulated over time. 

Tip #5: Take Extra Care of Polarised or Mirrored Lenses 

Some designer sunglasses feature polarised or mirrored lenses. These types of lenses require special attention since they are more sensitive than regular lenses. Those with spray-on lens coatings are more at risk of scratches and chemicals. You only need to handle it with extra care. 

Tip #6: Keep Sunglasses Safe at the Beach

Everyone loves wearing sunglasses while hanging out at the beach. It can protect your eyes from too much brightness of the sun. But you must keep in mind that your designer sunglasses may not be suitable for beach exposure. 

Some of these expensive glasses feature delicate frames and lenses that can easily break. You must look for sunglasses made for water sports if you want to wear one at the beach. 

Tip #7: Make A Home Sunglasses Kit

Caring for your designer glasses begins at home. So ensure that you prepare a home sunglasses kit made with clean microfibre cloths, lens cleaning solution, microfibre pouch, and a hard case. You must also include a small screwdriver and tiny screws to fix loose sunglass handles when necessary. 

Designer sunglasses are very valuable and expensive. To get the most out of your investment, learning these sunglasses caring tips will allow you to enjoy flaunting them for a long time.