7 Reasons why you are not able to orgasm

7 Reasons why you are not able to orgasm

When done right is phenomenal, but it is doing right that is difficult. Finding pleasure at first can be difficult, as both the partners try to navigate the relatively new terrain. However, with a new relationship also comes the excitement, hence, pleasure and satisfaction shortly follow suit.

Unfortunately, the trajectory is not so simple in some cases. Also known as anorgasmia, the inability to orgasm is a serious problem that can strike anyone. 

Not only is it frustrating for the person to not climax, but it also takes toll on the relationship as well. Naturally, when your partner is not able to satisfy you, it bruises their ego as well. The issue mostly is circumstantial; it’s not that you cannot orgasm, it is just that you are unable to. 

If, however, you suffer from problems like erectile dysfunction, you should seek the help of the Best Sexologist in Karachi. Otherwise, you can try to remedy the situation by fixing the common culprits, that include: 

Lack of foreplay 

You need sufficient stimulation to get in the mood to have sex and achieve climax as well. Foreplay sets the mood for the event and is especially require for women; most women do not orgasm from penetrative sex alone but require foreplay. 

Hence, if your partner is missing out on a little foreplay, you need to put it as a condition on the table. 

Learning curve 

Everyone has a learning curve. When you are starting off with sex, it may take some time when and what is turning you and your partner on. In order to enable your learning, be vocal about it. Do not feel shy about telling your partner what you like, and what you don’t. Effective communication can help you learn more quickly for a more satisfying sex life. 

Medical problems 

Medical problems can also lead to problems with sexual health as well. Issues like diabetes, hypertension, depression, MS can impede sexual health. Certain drugs like SSRIs can also cause sexual health problems as well. 

Similarly, since sex is also regulated by hormones, any issues therein can also be behind the anorgasmia. If that is something you can relate to, perhaps you should talk to your doctor about it. Do not miss the medication of your own accord. 

Need to improve performance 

Your lack of orgasm may be because you are experiencing lukewarm sex. Some partners are selfish, and care about nothing but their own pleasure. If that is the case, you need to have the awkward yet important conversation with your partner. Tell them to up their game, as partnership is about mutual pleasure. 

Not interested 

Your lack of orgasm might be due to your lack of interest. Perhaps it was a long and hard day, perhaps your mind is elsewhere, perhaps your children are nearby and you just want to get over with it; there are many reasons why your mind is anywhere but at sex and you may be doing it to placate your partner. 

If that is the case, then you should try to signal your partner about it. 

Relationship problems 

Your lack of orgasm may also be due to friction in your relationship. Naturally, when your emotions are not in it, your pleasure might also be amiss. 

Mental health problems 

If you have had a history of sexual trauma, you might find it harder to have a sexual relationship with another person. It can then impede your sexual experience as well. 

Similarly, stress can also lead to lack of sufficient arousal, and thus can affect your ability to orgasm as well. While men can still perform with relatively high stress level, women need greater mental peace to have sex. 

If you struggle with mental health, and are having a hard time orgasming, then you should seek help from a mental health expert via oladoc.com.