These are the most common issues for couples

putting your partner

The start of the relationship was fabulous. It was fun till it lasted, after which your life got stuck in a rut. While you still want to continue to have an active sex life, your partner, not so much. They get more excited watching the reruns of Game of Thrones. The longer the dry spell lasts, the deeper your mood plummets, and rightfully so.

Having a healthy sex life is not only important for the relationship to flourish, but it is also important for your physical and mental health. Hence, getting to the bottom of why your partner may be putting off sex is important. Here are some plausible reasons:

They have problems

Even though they are your partner, till death do us apart was the initial expectation of your marriage, however, they still might not be comfortable wading through the uncomfortable with you.

Problems pertaining to sexual health like erectile dysfunction etc. may be why they keep delaying sex. Alongside having a candid talk with them, also get them to the Best Sexologist in Rawalpindi, as seeking medical help is imperative to overcome this hurdle.  

It is too vanilla

If the sex is too vanilla, devoid of any excitement, your partner might want to then pass on it. Naturally, when Netflix is more exciting and a lot less messy than sex, then they will pick it over a romp in the bed.

One way to counter this is by making your sex life more exciting. Try different positions, different things. Also, do not be selfish; sex is about mutual pleasure.

Low self-esteem

One important reason your partner might take constant rainchecks on the sex is because they are not comfortable in their skin. They might not like their bodies, due to which their confidence in their sexual performance plummets. Some might not even want to take off their clothes in front of their partner.

Hence, it is vital that you realize if you might have contributed to this problem. If your partner also otherwise expresses dissatisfaction with their appearance, then make sure to make them feel good. If a mental health expert is what they need, then that’s what they should get. 

Low priority

Sex might not be on the list of your partner’s priorities. They might be too busy with work, house, children, family and what not. One way to counter this is by giving your partner space and helping them through these chores. 

Mental health problems

Mental health issues like stress, anxiety, depression not only contribute towards low libido, but they might also cause problems of sexual dysfunction. Therefore, also see to the mental health of your partner.

If they are struggling, it is imperative that you get them help from a professional.

No privacy

Your kids are just a wall away, your family is across the hall and the baby is in cot next to the bed. Even if you have an adventurous soul, your partner might not. They may not be comfortable having sex with an audience. 

Work this problem out with them. Respect their decision, and perhaps wait. Else, go get a room in a hotel!

Relationship issues

If your relationship is not going great, you can hardly expect your sex life to flourish. If there is more friction than usual, try to get to the root of it. Sometimes, you do not take the hint but your partner is seething. So, alongside learning to read the room, be mindful of your partner. 

If the relationship is worth salvaging, then try to mend the fences. Seek help from a marriage counselor if need be. 

Medical issues

Your partner might be taking medications like those for hypertension or heartburn, which may be lowering sex drive in them. If that’s the case, seek help from your doctor at Fauji Foundation Hospital for some alternate drug.