Advantages of Pole Barns

Pole Barns

Pole buildings are often designed for agricultural needs. However, the construction style has so many benefits it has been adapted to create structures that include sheds, workshops, garages, and stunning homes. Also known as post-frame construction, the buildings are unique because they are constructed using a column every eight feet, making them exceptionally sturdy. Brainerd Lakes Area Pole Barns are in demand because they save owners money, can be constructed quickly, and adapt to various environments.

No Foundation Is Necessary

The construction of a building’s lower level can get expensive, especially if there is a basement. Because columns support pole barn buildings, no basement is necessary.

Pole Barns

The most common foundation for a pole barn consists of columns embedded in concrete-filled holes in the earth. This is much less expensive than a traditional foundation, so owners save money.

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There are Fewer Site Restrictions

Pole barn structures can be built on more types of sites than traditional stick-frame buildings. Post-frame buildings adapt to the lateral pressure that can overturn the sturdiest walls in stick-frame structures.

The multi-column design lets lateral pressure spread out, allowing the building to resist ground shifting underneath it. As a result, owners have a much more extensive choice of sites.

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Buildings Go Up Quickly

Contractors can build a pole-barn building faster than a traditional structure. Since buildings do not have an intense framing process and no foundation is required, builders save time.

While construction times vary, professionals can typically build a simple structure like a shed or garage in a week or less while complex projects like larger homes or commercial buildings often take a month or more. Building a house using stick-frame construction generally takes about seven months from start to finish.

Interiors Are Spacious

Because post-frame buildings use columns for support, there are no interior load-bearing walls. That means interiors are exceptionally spacious. Owners can leave them open or add walls to separate areas.

Clients often take advantage of all the space to add a dedicated area like an office, workroom, or even a space for animals. Owners have a vast range of choices, and changing interiors is very straightforward if they decide to redecorate.

There Are Options for Everyone

Contractors can easily customize pole-barn exteriors to suit clients’ tastes. For example, steel siding is popular because it is durable, attractive, and easy to maintain. However, clients can also choose wood and fiber cement siding in various colors. They may select from a gallery of door and window styles and add features such as a porch or deck.

There are also different roof styles available. Professionals will add gable, gambrel, mono slope, hip, or monitor roofs. Each has unique qualities and design features, so there is a roof for every home or building type.

Post-frame, or pole barn, buildings are trendy because they are quicker to build and often less expensive than stick-frame structures. Interiors are spacious, giving owners a wide range of design options. Contractors offer various roofing and siding choices and can build custom features like porches or decks.