Brevard Public Schools


A critically important aspect of assessing facilities, informing financial decision making, and integrating with work management and building information systems is being equipped with the proper tools and the right data. For Brevard Public Schools (BPS), properly understanding and analyzing deferred maintenance and capital renewal needs was critical to their capital improvement program and sales surtax planning. BPS trusted FOS to complete a facility condition assessment (FCA), asset inventory, and capital planning software implementation to inform and support data driven deferred maintenance and renewal strategies.

The deliverables of this project made a meaningful impact on the learning environmental quality for all students in the District. Evidence-based support for the sales surtax renewal helped communicate to District stakeholders and taxpayers why the funding for continual renewal is critically important to learning outcomes. 

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As a nationally recognized leader in facility condition assessments and capital planning solutions, the FOS team developed software to advance the quality, efficiency, and accuracy of facility condition assessments. Created as a tool to use in our own assessments, FOScore® is an assessment, asset management, and capital planning solution used by our clients across the country.

Brevard County Schools in Florida engaged the FOS team to implement our platform enabling their staff to assess a 10 million square foot building portfolio, inform capital improvement plans with defensible budgets, and integrate into their work management system to generate data-driven work orders. This solution allows the school district to create and maintain a comprehensive physical asset database, identify and execute deferred maintenance projects with accurate cost data, and develop budgets for capital renewal and replacement. Our experienced facility assessment teams who use FOScore® every day were deployed to educate and train the district’s facilities staff on industry best practices and software functionality.

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The mission of Brevard Public Schools is to, “serve every student with excellence as the standard.” FOS is committed to deeply understanding our clients – the culture, mission, people, business goals, and more – so that our solutions elevate and empower you in every way. 

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