4 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins 2020


If you own a blog and update it on a regular basis, then affiliate marketing can help you make money from it. At the same time, it can also open up the window of opportunities for you in several other ways. There is no better way to start your journey of affiliate marketing than doing it with Amazon. It maintains an inventory of a wide range of products and by merging it with WordPress, you create a win-win situation for you. WordPress is popular for its plugins and this is one of the reasons for which most developers develop their time and attention to WordPress plugin development.

Do you wish to begin your journey of Amazon affiliate marketing on a high note and want to sustain it at the subsequent stages? If yes, then you can benefit by including one of the Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins in the current year.

Why consider using Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins?

Most marketers, who are into affiliate marketing, know the procedure of inserting Amazon links to their website consisting of the WordPress platform. However, only a few affiliates know the secret of doing it in a simple and easy way. Using Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins is the easiest way to do it.

More often than not, the prices of the products on Amazon go through changes. You may find it difficult to track the changes in the prices of products separately on a daily basis, especially while dealing with a large volume of products. Whether it is intentional or inadvertent, you would go against the affiliate marketing policies of Amazon for the promotion of its products if you fail to mention the current price of a product.

One smart way to overcome this challenge is to promote Amazon products in conjunction with an Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin with a product advertising API. It can also help you in several other ways. For instance, you can use it for the purpose of creating comparison boxes and tables or for linking Amazon products to a WooCommerce store. Besides, it can also come in handy for tracking the location of your clients and send them to the proper link depending on it.

Top Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins in 2020


An acronym for Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin, AAWP is currently the frontrunner among all the plugins available for affiliate marketing. It is a feature-rich plugin that is tailored to address all the affiliate marketing-related requirements of the marketers who deal with the products on Amazon. It has a number of templates and a whole set of other features to cover all bases of affiliate marketing.

With this plugin, highlighting the new product releases is a cakewalk. It gathers information about Amazon products from the product advertising API. As such, you can rest assured that your clients will get the most accurate and relevant information about different items straight from the Amazon website. Also, you can add the affiliate links to products or additional information about them by using this plugin.


●       Support for Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

●       Caching

●       Geotargetting for links

●       Creation of comparison tables for products

Price: €39 per site

2. AzonBerg

Have you ever thought about a tool that can help you add the products to your blog without much effort? If yes, then Azonberg is the answer to it. With this Amazon affiliate WordPress tool, you can add several products at once to your site by virtue of an ASIN list. You just need to push the mouse button once to accomplish this task.

As is the case with AAWP, this plugin also comes with several useful templates. Thus, giving the perfect appearance to your affiliate website is just a matter of a few clicks. Together with these features, add the fact that you can customize the buttons and integrate the plugin with the WordPress theme on your website. It will give you the reason for which the plugin is the preferred choice of most Amazon affiliate marketers.


●       Customization of “buy now” and “add to cart” buttons

●       Easy integration with WordPress theme

●       Hassle-free import of several items from the Amazon online store at once with an ASIN list

●       Numerous templates to upgrade the look on the Amazon website

Price: $15 per site

3. Azon Press

If you have already been a user of AAWP and are looking for an alternative to it at a cheaper price, then Azon Press is the plugin on which you may want to put your money. Just like the former, the latter is also known for the impressive features it brings to the table.

These include the ability to create tables for the comparison of products, the feature to add affiliate links to the products, and highlighting the “qualifier” to enhance the possibility of making a sale and make money by virtue of it.


●       Addition of product displays along with the affiliate links

●       Creation of tables for the comparison of the products side by side

●       Allows users to highlight the best product to increase the chances of making a sale on Amazon

●       Outstanding template designs

Price: Starts at $39 for a single site

4. WZone

WZone is currently one of the best plugins for connecting the items of Amazon’s online store to that of a WooCommerce store. You can either make a customer buy a product on your website or direct them to Amazon’s product page when they click the “add to cart” option. These are the two ways in which you can make money from your WooCommerce store involving Amazon’s products straight from the latter’s website.

The additional features of this plugin are given below.


●       Support for distinct locations of Amazon store and the variety of products

●       Synchronization of products without the use of a separate API for the purpose

●       Badges to indicate if a product is available under the “Amazon Pay “ scheme

●       Availability of information relating to the details of the product

Price: $49 per user

Final thoughts

One of the primary objectives of WordPress web development is to simplify tasks with the use of plugins. Most Amazon affiliate marketers use WordPress websites to integrate the products of Amazon due to this advantage. Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins make a positive contribution to the efforts of affiliate marketers by helping them in several ways. Consider choosing one of the aforementioned top options for profitable outcomes in the affiliate marketing efforts for Amazon products on your WordPress site.