Few Things You Need To Know Before Hosting Virtual Events

Virtual Event

With the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, almost all nations got affected by its disastrous effects. The global pandemic has resulted in the upheaval of various Virtual Event in day to day life. The restrictions have been imposed on traveling and public gatherings, resulting in the cancelation or rescheduling of various events across the globe. With the advancement in technology and changing times, marketers are moving their events online in a virtual space. An incline towards live virtual events has been witnessed in the past few months. The graph of virtual events has seen a major boost recently.

Virtual Event

Nowadays, virtual event management has become an integral part of any industry to carry out company events, courses, classes, meetings, conferences, and so on virtually in a digital environment. Selecting virtual event companies that offer engaging virtual event services on the best platform that delivers immersive and interactive experiences to its attendees in real-time is the best bet to rely on.

Planning to move your events online and host virtual events? Looking for a virtual event agency to organize an interactive and engaging online event? If you are planning this, understanding certain things is a must before making your event virtual.

In this article, we have shared a list of a few things you must be aware of and know about virtual events.

Let’s get started!

1. Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions are hosted by large business enterprises on a virtual event platform to discuss the niche subjects remotely. Same as in-person events, breakout sessions allow you to host niche discussions with audiences globally irrespective of geographical locations and utilize a panel of experts and moderators. The best virtual event service allows you to schedule sessions on the virtual event platform that delivers the same look and feel and give the same experiences of in-person events to its attendees. The results of hosting a live virtual event are much higher that you might not be able to achieve.

2. Keynote Speakers

Virtual events allow you to host keynote sessions with speakers from various remote locations. As travel restrictions are being imposed around the globe, considering it virtual keynote sessions play the utmost importance. Hosting live keynote sessions is beneficial as it allows speakers to inspire the attendees with their speech about the topic and sparks their interest. Live keynote sessions have always been scheduled as per the availability to travel to the event location, which gets completely resolved with live virtual events.

3. Round tables

As the name suggests, roundtables are a networking event that is used to discuss certain subjects and plans in a small group. Virtual event platforms that offer interactive features are ideal for live roundtable discussions. Leverage from virtual event services and simply invite one expert for roundtable discussions and limit the number of attendees who can join in for round table discussions. Live virtual events allow you to have free-flowing conversations and discuss the key issues openly that are affecting your domain.

4. One-on-one sessions

Apart from round table discussions, one on one sessions is another live networking event that is used by delegates to have one on one discussion session with leaders for 5-10 minutes. This type of live virtual event is a perfect fit for businesses to pitch ideas to investors.

5. Interactive Features

The virtual event platform offers interactive features to engage audiences in real-time. Not all platforms compile of technologically advanced interactive features that you want for your business. The top virtual event platform offers interactive features such as help desks, feedback surveys, activity badge centres, games rooms, and so on. 

Virtual Event

6. Virtual Meeting Rooms

A virtual events platform enables you to host a closed-door meeting between two delegates or even small groups. Virtual meeting rooms are an ideal set up for hosting business meetings in a digital space or closing a business deal in a safe and secure environment. Virtual event services allow you to host meetings with interactive features such as live audio/video/text chats that allow real-time interactions.

7. Sponsorship

Sponsor participation plays a key role in making an event successful. With in-person events displaying the logo of the sponsor do the work whereas, with virtual events, the organizer has the opportunity of creating sponsored sessions, target display ads, and feature hot spots.

8. On-Demand Streaming version

With in-person events, once the event is over it’s over if attendees have missed it. They can only catch it in the upcoming year. But with virtual events, you can catch the on-demand version of the event. It amplifies the audience engagement apart from live virtual events, thus reaching more and more audiences and have a major impact on return on investment.

9. Content

With live virtual events, you can turn your complete events into a content marketing machine. A virtual events platform enables you to drive a content calendar for the full year. Everything that happened in the event is captured in the form of audio and video clips. The most important thought can be created in the form of short and long format videos, blogs, infographics, and so on captured during the event which can be posted later on various social marketing platforms.

10. Trackability & Analytics

It is nearly impossible to keep a track of everything right from keeping a record of each and every delegate such as which sessions they attended, for how long they stayed, which specific whitepaper they took after the event with physical events.

But on the contrary, virtual events are highly trackable, and tracking these kinds of proceedings is quite easy. Right from the registration, live views, clicks, duration, the number of participants, the number of questions asked, and so on everything is tracked. Live virtual events keep a track of the complete data of an event. With the analytics reports, it becomes easy to measure the success of the event. With an analytics report, you can simply access the content that has been accessed mostly in real-time. There are ample virtual event service providers that offer immersive, interactive, and engaging virtual events services. Host your events online on virtual event platforms in UAE, India, Australia, or anywhere around the world with professional assistance and leverage from the benefits of virtual events. 

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