Top 10 Apps to Customize Your Android

apps to customize android

We are driven to customization like moths to a flame. Tailoring things from your journal to your Android screen gives them more personal things. And your smartphone is the very definition of personal space in today’s era so why shouldn’t it be personalized.

Here is a list of 10+ Android Apps that you can use to Customize your Android.

1. Dusk KWGT

Play Store Rating – 4.6

Price – INR 110

Dusk KWGT has some of the best widgets and its multi-colored themes sit well with your AMOLED display. The app has more than 60 integrated widgets that sync well with contrasting wallpapers. The minimalist round-cornered flat widgets match with both dark themes or you are a fan of light themes beautifully.

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2. True Picks

Play Store Rating – 3.8

Price – Free

True picks feature an amazing collection of bright and beautiful wallpapers in addition to home screen set-up that you can use to customize your smartphone. The wallpapers are of high quality and are specially designed for AMOLED display. So if you are bored with the display of your phone and want to spice it up a little. TruePicks is great and not to mention free tool.

3. Pixurr

Play Store Rating – 4.4

Price – INR 120

Pixurr has a beautiful collection of 4k Quality wallpapers that syncs well with both light and dark themes of AMOLED display. There is a range of categories of wallpapers for you to choose from. The material design is vibrant yet minimalist to give your home screen a modern look.

4. Navigation Gestures

Play Store Rating – 3.4

Price – Free/$1.49

Unlike other apps mentioned above Navigation Gesture is not a wallpaper or display customization app. Navigation Gesture introduced the feature of gesture control even before Android Pie introduced it. Customize your phone by setting custom gestures for different actions and omitting the role of the navigation bar. The premium version includes gestures like support for notifications, quick settings, media controls, screenshots, etc.


Play Store Rating – 4.4

Price – Free

IFTTT connects with about 630 apps, including Tweeter, Telegram, Google Drive, and many more. Unlike many other apps in the list IFTTT doesn’t help with your display rather it helps create a seamless experience throughout the different apps. Control everything with your voice, Alexa, or Google Assistant. IFTTT also brings weather and current affairs at your fingertips. You also get notifications when an app like Craiglist has matches for your search. It also provides auto backup for your precious data. It is a very wholesome app with some really cool features.

6. MIUI-Ify

Play Store Rating – 3.9

Price – Free with Upgrades costing up to $7.49

MIUI-ify is a customization app that gives you the feel of MIUI 12. So if you have changed your phone and missing the feel of your old Mi phone or you saw the minimalistic MIUI on someone’s phone and want to try it then you can download this app. Some of its features include full-color customization, quick settings that appear at the bottom of the screen, icon packs, and more. The app provides an almost fully customizable experience.

7. NavBar Apps

Play Store Rating – 3.9

Price – Free with Upgrade costing $1.99

Navbar is another unique customization app that lets you customize your navigation bar. With NavBar you can change the color, theme, and style of your navigation bar. The app even allows you to set customize navigation bars of each app with some exceptions like google chrome.

8. Taker

Play Store Rating – 4.4

Price – INR 270

Taker is an amazing app with quite a versatile array of features. Some of these features include automating tasks, creating new actions, and more similar cool things. Tackle is definitely not an easy app to use because with so many features comes an app that will require some time to getting used to. The app is not free but for a price of INR 270, you get an with no in-app purchases or advertisement. It is a really versatile app that you should definitely give a try. 

9. Zedge

Play Store Rating – 4.5

Price – Free with In-app Purchases

Zedge has an amazing collection of wallpapers that you can use to customize your Android as you like. It also a wide range of ringtones, notifications, and other sounds for you to choose from. Another great feature for talented customization junkies is that you can share your own pictures or sounds on the Zedge platform. So if you have your own tone or picture you can share with your friends or anyone on the internet.

10. Bobble AI Keyboard

Play Store Rating – 4.6

Price – Free

We have discussed about personalization of Navbar, home-screen, themes but a well customizable keyboard also goes a long way. Bobble AI keyboard is a treasure trove of customization. Along with the keyboard theme, fonts, styles, and language you also get to make customizable stickers that will have your face on them. You can even add regional language text to these stickers to share with your friends and family.

11. Delta Icon Pack

Play Store Rating – 4.3

Price – Free

Customize your icons with the Delta Icon Pack app to give your display a new and fresh look. There are many packs available for you to choose from. The app has about 2000+ hand-designed icons and supports more than 20 launchers. The designs are quite modern and minimalistic and bode well with both dark and light theme of AMOLED display

12. Regional Language Keyboards

India has many languages and all though I can not add all of them in the list I hope you find an amazing customizable app for your language as I have found for Bangla, Marathi, and Malayalam. All three keyboards are amazingly customizable. They even have custom stickers for regional greetings and festivities. You can even add regional text to stickers without any hassle.

  • Malayalam Keyboard
  • Bangla Keyboard With Bangla Stickers
  • Marathi Keyboard With Marathi Stickers