Are There Any Tips For First-Time DUI Offenders?

DUI Offenders

People often make mistakes and tend to learn from them. Similarly, a person who has committed an offense or violates the law goes through a legal procedure that teaches them a lesson so that they do not repeat it. 

Naturally, a person who has no experience with trials and judgments might have no idea how the legal system works. If they had committed a crime, approaching a criminal defense lawyer Knoxville, TN, should be their first step because an experienced attorney will guide them through the legal procedure and offer lawful advice. 

In a DUI case, there can be several processes that the defendant has to go through. Hence, the defendant must have the best attorney by his side at all times so that he can get instructed on what to do next.

Here are some vital tips for first time DUI offenders:

  1. Criminal trial

In the event of the case heading to a criminal court, the defendant will get a chance to resolve his case via certain arrangements. Usually, in such cases, all the guilty verdicts resulting from the trial will be sentenced by the judge, and not guilty cases will only dismiss the case. First-time DUI offenders can learn a few things about what happens at the criminal trial from their attorney.

  1. Punctuality

Although being on time is a punctual habit followed across places like schools and offices, even the court expects the defendants and people involved in the case to be available at the court on time. If not, it can create an unethical impression and might seem like the defendant does not realize the seriousness of the case. Hence, the defendant needs to be there on time.

  1. Preliminary hearing 

A preliminary hearing will take place where the evidence possessed by the defendant may be presented at the court. Additionally, the defendant’s attorney will get a chance to cross-examine the petitioner’s witnesses if there are any. Eventually, the judge will decide and transfer the case to the Grand Jury, where a special group will determine if the case can be sent to trial.

A first-time DUI offender is expected to know the legal procedure and how his case can travel through several legal aspects and be in a criminal trial. The defendant should be prepared for all the challenges that might come his way during the case, so holding onto his attorney’s help and instructions should be mandatory. If not, the defendant might be unclear.

Aside from the fact that attorneys should be experienced, there are a few other very important factors that you should consider when deciding to hire a firm. These factors are also some of the most important reasons that decide whether or not a car accident law firm in Tennessee is worth your money and time. So, have a look! 

1. They should be Affordable 

Experienced attorneys are always expensive – says who? With the right kinds of firms like Barnes Law, you’ll be able to hire the best attorneys at affordable rates. Besides, this firms is known for:

  • Its transparent money policy. There will be no hidden terms and conditions.
  • Its free consultation sessions before you can actually decide whether or not to hire their attorneys. 
  • Its affectionate behavior towards clients. 

2. They Should be Easy to Contact

Elite law firms are easy to get in touch with. You should be able to call them directly when under any kind of stressful or emergency situation. The support staff will always be present to answer all your queries. In fact, lawyers at elite firms are humble. The minute you enter their office, they will carefully listen to all your requirements and offer the best possible solution. 

In fact, elite firms like Barnes Law offer live chat sessions with support agents so that you are provided with all the assistance that you require to connect with an attorney and hire one. 

3. They Should be Able to Defend You Under all Circumstances 

Sometimes you might be partially responsible for the accident. And that’s what insurance companies magnify to decline or reduce your claims. This is where experienced attorneys can help. 

  • They are licensed to present your case in front of a judge if the insurance company doesn’t pay what’s fair. 
  • They are very good orators and they collect all facts before court hearings.

All in all, they do not judge you. 

4. They Should be Good Criminal Lawyers too

It’s quite possible that there’s a possibility of getting arrested if you’re the one who accidentally caused more damage to someone else’s vehicle. And, in such a scenario, your law firm should be able to assign a criminal law who can successfully defend you and save you from serving prison time. 

In other words, car accidents firms like Barnes Law are so reputable because they provide all kinds of assistance that their clients require. 

Now that you know what to look for in a car accident law firm, it’s time we take you through some of the best benefits of hiring attorneys at Barnes Law

  • They are well versed with the entire procedure of insurance claims.
  • They are able to collect facts and proofs in order to maximize the insurance amount that you’ll be granted. 
  • They offer emergency services in cases of severe automobile crashes where time matters the most. 

All in all, it’s actually quite important to hire attorneys who have a proven track record of being able to frame the responsible party in front of the court so that you can get the maximum claim for the damage caused to your vehicle. This is of utmost importance in Tennessee since the state follows Auto Accident Liability Laws – everyone accountable will be charged. Which means, if you’re proven to be 25% guilty of causing the accident, you’ll be paid only 75% of the insurance claim. Thus, it’s important to have such lawyers by your side who do not allow other parties to falsely hold you responsible for anything more than you actually are. So, pick wisely.