Top Ways To Boost User Engagement For Your Mobile App

Boost User Engagement

For an app, user experience works as a deciding factor for its success in the market. The app will have better user engagement if it offers an enhanced user experience. This clearly means that you need to work towards improving user engagement on your app if you want to turn it into a huge success.

Now, this can be achieved by improving your app performance. Right from understanding the needs of the app users to meeting the business vision, that can be done by choosing a reliable partner offering a range of mobile app development services.

There are a few tips that can work magic when it comes to encouraging higher levels of engagement among users and that is:

Choose A Name That Is Trendy

When coming up with an app name you need to be sure that you choose something that is easy to remember and short. People tend to remember names that have one or two words as compared to longer names. Again, you need to be careful that you don’t come up with a name similar to the one that already exists in the market as you don’t want your customers to go to your competitor’s app.

Come up with an app name that reflects your brand, its style, and your persona.

Come Up With Customized Invitations

In case your business app offers some goods or services, then you can come up with some special incentives which are just focused on the app in order to encourage repeat purchases. You can come up with exclusive offers available for the short term by teaming up with a good mobile app development company.  

You need to be sure that you don’t offer too many deals as you don’t want to frustrate them in the process.

Always keep an eye for feedback from users and pay attention to them. Generally, people will be happy to get some free gifts from you, so plan your offerings accordingly.

Improve The App In Terms Of Speed Performance

No one likes a slow-loading app and so you need to look for ways to improve its speed. There are a few ways in which app performance can be improved. Reduce the size of images, make use of local storage, keep minimum text, make use of white spaces wisely, etc. are some of the tips you can follow to improve the performance of the app. You should also remove elements that have no role in improving the experience of the user.

Improve The Design Of Your Landing Page

What people first see about a website is the page they land and so it has to be designed well. You don’t want to place unnecessary elements on the page that will confuse the app users. Chances are high that such users will give up using the app and leave. Designing a good landing page will benefit the business just in a few steps. Try to add a signup form at the bottom of the app to encourage users to take some action.

Announce New Features Properly

Adding new features will excite your users but they will be disappointed if it does not work properly. Whenever you are introducing a new feature, announce it in a way that customers can easily know more about it and explore it by themselves at their own pace. When you choose the right mobile app development services for your project you will be able to develop valuable app features and announce them to the users properly with a planned launch.

Improve Customer Engagement With Messages

The majority of the app users will leave the app after a single use if they don’t find it interesting. One of the main reasons for such user behaviour is that many other app businesses are developing apps with similar features and are competing in the market. So, the best way to reach your app users and improve their experience on the app is by reaching out to them through messages that are tailored to the time of the day, user location, or their interests.

Messages can be prepared after proper customer segmentation and by personalizing them to match their personality.

Let Users Have An App UI Preview

If the app users can get a preview before downloading then there are better chances to keep them engaged. Let the app user navigate through the app before asking them to spend money or collect their personal information. Let them know how the app works before they actually download and use it.

Once they have downloaded the app, ask them for their email addresses. This can be later used to send app updates on versions, content, etc. You should also mention the additions to the new features in detail by sending an email after every update.

Find Creative Ways To Connect On Social Media Platforms

It is true that app users will not use all the features included there. Things may not be much different when it comes to using your social media components. So instead of forcing them to use the feature, it would be better for your app to take up some creative steps that will encourage them to keep the users engaged on the app. This can be something like asking the user daily about their app experience before leaving and requesting them to share the same on social media.

Offer Online Support

Reaching your app users whenever they need your help is of paramount importance as you don’t want them to go to social media and shout their problems aloud there. This can seriously hurt the reputation of your app in the market. By providing online support you will be able to offer needed assistance to your app users as and when needed. 

Wrapping Up

There is no meaning in developing an app if nobody uses it or even downloads it. You need to keep updating your app to enhance user engagement and thereby boost sales. To begin with, you need to invest in a good mobile app development company that will follow the tips and improve the performance of your app.

Author Bio:

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