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Art Resources for Homeschoolers

Art Resources for Homeschoolers. Let’s talk about art supplies for homeschoolers. Let’s talk about whereby I didn’t yet understand I held all kinds of information that homeschooling parents could probably use until I recently beat the idea of ​​homeschooling my son. My 9-year-old son has been suffering in school since first grade with a learning disability and terrible anxiety, and sometimes it is a massive challenge for all of us to keep our nonsense together. 

My heart tears for him when I see him trying to put up in this fast-paced environment that leaves kids with learning disabilities in the sand. If you are a homeschooling mother studying art designs for your children, I stand behind you. I have no idea what you should be doing with your kids in terms of homeschooling art, but I’m still armed with many excellent online art resources like easy landscape drawing for kids.


The Artful Parent is a fantastic resource for art project ideas. She has blogged about children’s art for a billion years and has created a site where you can make art with your children for years. You’ll find plenty of art printable and activity ideas at The Kitchen Table Classroom. Jodi is a homeschool mom (and a former art teacher) and has some wonderfully unique art resources on her blog. You will go crazy for all the art projects in the Nurture Store. It jumps everywhere; all are winners. Feed Store gives a lot more than just art designs, so this will be a position to bookmark, but here’s a link to creative honesty.

Patty from Deep Space Sparkle has been teaching art for 13 years and has created an excellent source for art educators in her place. She gives a significant number of free lessons and even a paid membership to her Sparklers Club. Her home is gorgeous and perfectly organized, so you can quickly find what you’re looking for or click through for inspiration. Of course, I would be negligent if I didn’t lead you to my usual outstanding art projects. I do not approach my projects from the point of view of art education, but from an attitude that I find fun, so see what you like and give it a try!

Art jackpot

Art Resources for Homeschoolers

Julianna Kunstler has been compiling her art resume online for hers since 2006, which means there is a lot of material there. Fortunately for us, it is a perfect thing. Your older children will love searching here for their ideas, or you can choose from one of her 8 billion ideas. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Julianna – I dive deep into her site every time I get there, and I wish she were my teacher (now). Start with: definitely and start with her Art Classes section, then go ahead and enroll in one of her courses so that you can learn from her too.

Art with a mathematical side

Erica from What Do Us Do All Time is famously known as a book blogger, but she has a deep feeling: mathematical art. Now that I have not asked if this is her passion, I can only say that it is because of the fantastic projects that she publishes that combine math and art.

To get started:

Pi Math Art: This pi horizon project will give your kids a dose of math even if they aren’t prone to math. (My whole family raised their hands).

Mathematical art with parabolic curves – I want to try this project every time I see it—lots of fun with drawing and math tools.

Fibonacci Art Project: Get out those compasses and colored papers for this gorgeous art project with hidden math mysteries inside.

Art with a side of science

Your eyes will explode with all the bright and beautiful colors on this website, and your kids will probably want to do whatever you show them. Ana has an incredible ability to turn science into a beautiful and creative endeavor.

To get started:

Grow a glass garden overnight: incredible scientific-artistic magic grown right in your fridge! The homopolar motor of the little dancers – What do you say? It is why I don’t do science projects and stick with the simple artistic side of things. That is why I am glad that people like Ana love to experiment with scientific art.

Marbled Milk Paper: One of those projects you’ll want to work on all day. Kids will have a bunch of game-making prints with items they probably already have around the house.

Process art

Art does not need anything. Sometimes the best art is just art by itself, and sometimes I use the word art too many times in a sentence. Art Bar is your lady of process art ideas for when she wants to throw all of her curriculum and formal learning out the window and enjoy the experience of using art supplies to create something. Ahhhhhh, feel those fun and happy chemicals flowing into your brain.

To get started:

Giant Cardboard Donuts: These are the cutest things ever made, from toddlers to elementary school kids. Everyone will enjoy painting them.

Bubble Printing – Gather 2 things kids can’t get enough of – bubble wrap and paint – and you have a winning project. Imaginary Self Portraits – LOVE! Children add to their art to create a fantastic self-portrait masterpiece. The band has a new book on building cardboard, which I highly value; what kid doesn’t like cardboard?

Classes / Videos

Skillshare is a wealth trove of online artwork lessons for all ability levels. You pay a regular fee and get limitless way to ALL of its 26,000+ classes. Explore their creative online courses and prepare to blow your mind. As long as you can get your kids to draw and have fun, it’s a huge win, so Art For Kids Hub becomes a big idea showing you how to draw all these fun characters and just about anything else your kids can think of. Well, maybe you guys can help me here. I believe YouTube lacks good and comprehensive art project channels. Many of these labeled art projects are crafts, and I can’t find much more than the occasional art project or people’s art projects I’ve already mentioned. What am I missing?

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