The Ultimate Destination Guide for Honeymoon in Bali


Bali is a major tourist destination in South Asia, a favorite of honeymoon couples due to its rich natural diversity and climate. Couples from all over the world flock to Bali, located in central Indonesia, for a honeymoon and realize love in its spiritual aspect.

Bali’s primary source of income is tourism that’s why its residents have tried to make it entirely tourist-friendly, cheap restaurants, delicious food, and lively nightlife are the facets of Bali. On the other hand, places like Jimbaran and Ubud are for worshiping nature.

Honeymoon lovers in Bali can now add Singapore to their travel plans with the Singapore Bali Packages from Roaming Routes. They will be able to delve into the vibrant life of Singapore and the sacrificial nature of destinations.

But before booking a package, read the full blog to look at the guide of honeymoon in Bali. There are many things that couples want to know before venturing into Bali, like the best time to visit Bali, the cost of travel, and which place is a paradise for couples.

Best Time to Visit in Bali

Summer is the best time to explore Bali tourism for a honeymoon. Since Bali is an island, it remains humid throughout the year, and May to July is the hottest month. After December, the island receives heavy rains, which is not a good time to visit. If you want an uninterrupted Bali exploration, you can consider Bali honeymoon trip any month from May to September.

Cost of Honeymoon in Bali

Bali is one of the world’s most cheap countries; you can book a 4-5-star hotel in the peanuts. Airfare is the major expenditure that affects your overall Bali travel cost. Flight from Delhi to Bali is comparatively expensive; more than 1 lakh per capita rentals will buy a journey on one side. If you book a flight from Mumbai, then you can book 40 thousand per person.

To get the cheapest flight from India in February, South Indian cities are the cheapest to book a flight to Bali.

Bali has mainly eaten seafood. Most food is included in your hotel fare in Bali; a couple’s meals cost up to 1500 per day.

You have enough options to accommodate. You can go for the personal resort, which is comparatively expensive, but a plush honeymoon suite is not even more.

A couple can book a room at 600 to 800 rupees per night and if the private resort is your choice, be prepared to spend 3000 INR per day.

Most Romantic Places in Bali for Honeymoon Couples

Bali is a small island that has been divided into eight districts. The couple coming to Bali for honeymoon are sticking to the places below; they are now being called heaven for a honeymoon couple in Bali.

Jimbaran Bayak

Jimbaran has a generous sea-coast; it keeps the stick of the best restaurant options with beautiful scenery. Visit Gimbaron to take a screw with water and run the scooter in the sea. Interesting competitions held on the beach will not let you go to Jimbaran for a comprehensive experience.


Vibrant Ubud is the main attraction of Bali. This picturesque place of the Ayang River is eminent for the roofs of rice and sacred temples. Although the words do not judge the beauty of this place, you must have a night at this place.

Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is the right way for a honeymoon couple. Dua is a self-reliant plush resort that is the most stunning stoppage on the island. There are enough shopping options in the resort and relaxing to provide you who do not need to get out.

General Tips to Consider Before Step in Bali

Bali is an accessible place to visit. Even first-time travelers will find themselves experienced in Bali. But it is wise to learn about unknown regulations, specifications, and local laws before stepping into a new location.

Before going on a honeymoon in Bali, look at the following tips and make it a smooth romantic Bali honeymoon trip.

  • The roads of Bali are insanely full of traffic
  • Rent a scooter instead of booking cabs
  • Don’t drink the tap water in Bali
  • Be respectful of the culture of Bali
  • Use the local laundries to get cheaper deals
  • Don’t be affectionate towards street dogs

Book Bali Honeymoon Trip

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