Best Online Plagiarism Checker Tools and Websites

Online Plagiarism Checker

Online plagiarism checker tools make a lot of things easy for content creators as on the original internet content gets more traction. Plagiarized content can also be caught easily with the help of search engines as copyright owners continuously keep searching for plagiarized content to claim. Once the content gets claimed, the entire revenue generated with the use of the content will go to the claimer. The circumstances can be a devastating cycle of events consisting of court dates even. We all want to avoid such a situation, and that is why we use free plagiarism checker tools online. These tools take information that you have formatted on paper and checks if any data matches available online sources. Patented content can have a scope of claiming a lot of data, but the extent of vocabulary has become so immense over the years that the formation of original content is not hard as well.

Top 10 Best Plagiarism checker Tools and Websites you can find Online


Grammarly is a very well-known grammar checking tool that comes with its Online plagiarism checker as well. This plagiarism checker tool is handy, but you have to pay. Since the website works on a policy of minimal ads, the devices require contribution for use. The price is a little high and can go up to 2000 INR for a single person. But the annual charges can reduce the monthly cost by 1000 INR quickly. Premium features allow you to use the website’s advanced grammar checking tool for better accuracy and also provide the plagiarism checker tool to find any phrases that match patented articles online. You can trust in this Online plagiarism checker with all the plagiarism checks conducted as it works on a very strict president. You can edit your article with the user interface provided by Grammarly, and it helps you remove all the mistakes without spending too much time.


Turnitin is a very intuitive plagiarism checking tool that works in a very similar fashion to Grammarly. This application has academic authorization for checking plagiarism and helps the best with scholarly articles that have patents and can claim similar points or numbers. Highlights are in the form of levels of plagiarism, and it scans a document to provide a PDF report. The in-depth Online plagiarism checker features miss no articles and detect even the slightest plagiarisms a person might miss. In academic projects, the teachers provide the flexibility of 10% to check the amount of plagiarism noticed. The flexibility is allowed because small sentences often pop up green in plagiarism reports. But those short sentences do not count as a reliable report. The application is a very useful one, but it does not come for free. You need to call their sales representative to find the price range that fits you the most.

Pro Writing Aid

Pro writing aid is a cheap but well-performing Online plagiarism checker tool that will help your writing keep its originality. The application’s biggest strength is the lifetime membership feature that you can purchase by paying a price of 400 dollars. It might be a considerable sum, but this application will provide you with a lot of features to make up for the lifetime price. If you have a writing business, this investment is a decent one. All updates are in the lifetime membership, and even if things change in the future, your membership will not. You can use this application to get similar results as Grammarly and Turnitin. Since the application is not as well known, it has a cult following of users that trust this application. You can trust it too, as the resources it uses do not lack similarities from Grammarly or Turnitin. It is a good option for people who cannot keep buying yearly membership. This Online plagiarism checker is a worthwhile investment for new businesses or academic scholars who want to create more scholarly articles.

Plagiarism Checker X

Plagiarism checker x is a free online plagiarism checker tool that gives you a lot of information regarding plagiarism. The application is free to download and use, but there are a few advanced tools that can help you make the most out of your writing. The price is as low as 40 dollars for an entire lifetime. It is not that cheap, but it is incredibly affordable when compared with another excellent Online plagiarism checker tools. Compared to the services, this is very straightforward to explore. The best aspect of this application is many nationwide educators and admins approve it. You can link this application with many other parts of your system to improve functionality.


Copyscape has been in the Online plagiarism checker market for many years, and it continues to dominate. It offers you protection on your website from plagiarism, and you can customize your protection to your preference. This website scans an entire web page for plagiarism, so it is excellent for people who blog often. After you post content, you can copy-paste the URL into this search engine. It scans its database for previously scanned content and other available content on the internet. Copyscape Online plagiarism checker charges 1c for every 100 words you search, but the first 200 words are 3c for trials. You can see if the application is worth your while as it has rigid boundaries. Many copyright protected individuals use Copyscape for their plagiarism protection.

Plagiarism Detector

This Online plagiarism checker is another popular and working entity on the internet. It is known to be straight forward and efficient with web content. If you write content for small blogs, this will not be very hard on your wallet. It lets you search 1000 words for free, but if you want to explore more than 1000 words at once, you will need to buy the pro subscription. This subscription will help you search for more info with much more accuracy. The accuracy of this online plagiarism checker is not on par with Copyscape, but this application does its job good enough for small websites.

Whitesmoke Plagiarism Checker

An Online plagiarism checker that is perfect for teachers and has been placed in the top list more than once. Teachers use it as no plagiarism checker is more strict than white smoke. It does not give a break to unoriginal content and catches anything that will slightly match with another content. This plagiarism checker also detects numbers with much ease. The resource collection of this checker is billions of websites and scholarly articles. Scholars can also use this Online plagiarism checker website to bypass difficult situations that might arise during a teacher’s checking.

Search Engine Reports

Search engine reports is a free online plagiarism checker that allows you to search 1500 words for free. The website does not have a payment system, but there are various resources to choose from. You can use this website to search for short documents without spending a dime. The reports are very reliable and can tell you plagiarism from various sources. This website uses search engine algorithms to match words and phrases with other resources. Results that appear in google are similar to the Online plagiarism checker algorithm, and so it is relatively accurate for web content.

Paper Rater

This is a free online plagiarism checker that can get you reliable results without a word limit. The paper rater is very good for essays as it performs a detailed analysis of the article. You can check many different aspects of the report, like passive voice misuse and clarity of the paper. It is one of the best free plagiarism checking applications around. If you correctly follow all the guidelines, you are bound to create great content without spending way too much time. The processing of the Online plagiarism checker application is fast, and the results show up in 5-15 seconds.


Copyscape has none, but one rival on the internet and that is copy leaks. Copy leaks scan the web for any work that is copied from your work and finds it for you. It is beneficial for keeping your content original and online. When you have patented ideas, you have to use copy leaks to find any content that matches the scope. If the application finds and shows you the content. It is a helpful Online plagiarism checker tool for organizations to keep their content original.


Every online plagiarism checker is unique in their way, and you can find which one matches your taste. Not every checker can achieve the same task of checking complex data. Some plagiarism checkers cannot see numbers or check scholarly articles. For academic essays, you will require a paid application that has increased accuracy. And you can use soda pdf as best pdf merge tool. The increased accuracy can give you the required edge over other scholarly articles, and some might even help you change certain aspects to avoid detection.

Your needs and taste define which Online plagiarism checker is best for you. For small websites, it’s better if you choose Grammarly, Turnitin, Copyscape, and copy leaks. Copyleaks also provides many unique features, such as fake credited article detection and other useful tools. You can benefit from each of these tools uniquely, but you have to be sure before buying the subscription.