The Best Way to Use a Pay Stub Template

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A pay stub template might seem like a cop out, but in reality it can help you get your pay stubs accurate. Get started creating accurate pay stubs and paychecks.

For any business, creating manual pay stubs is time-consuming and unnecessary. Pay stub templates and generators exist to help ease the payroll process and create an efficient way to distribute paychecks to employees. 

Without a pay stub template, businesses risk delaying pay stub distribution. And with most Americans living paycheck to paycheck, this is a detrimental problem.

If you own a business and haven’t implemented a pay stub template into your payroll routine yet, take a look at this guide to help you get started.

What Is a Pay Stub?

A pay stub is a detailed document that provides information about an employee’s wages. These documents are either given in paper form or digitally. Some of the information included within the pay stub range from weekly or monthly earnings, hours worked, and tax information. 

Pay stubs are often used for proof of salary. This proof is required for certain scenarios, like renting an apartment. For example, landlords measure a tenant’s income against the rent amount to ensure they have the capacity to afford the rent.

Why You Should Use a Pay Stub Template

With a paycheck stub template, businesses bypass manual pay stub creation with a quicker process. Templates are easily downloadable and customizable. Since these paychecks are digital, the employer and employee have the ability to view the stub at any time.

The most popular reason why businesses use pay stub templates is their low cost. In many cases, templates are completely free to download. You also have access to a variety of different types of templates to suit your business. 

Who Benefits From Pay Stub Templates

Pay Stub templates benefit any business without a payroll department. However, certain types of small businesses may benefit from pay stub generators more than others.

Small Businesses

Many small businesses don’t have a dedicated payroll or accounting department that handles pay stub distribution. This means that many business owners have to manually face this task on their own. Luckily, thanks to its low cost, pay stub templates bypass this problem.

Self-Employed Workers

Self-employed or freelance workers often have a tough time proving their income. With a pay stub template, self-employed workers create pay stubs based on their earned income during the year. This is also helpful during tax season, as it efficiently lists all forms of income.

Renters and Home Buyers

Anyone who wants to rent an apartment or purchase a home has to provide extensive proof of income. This proof of income may include pay stubs, among other forms of proof. If a business provides digital access to pay stubs or if an employee chooses to use a pay stub template, the process goes much more smoothly.

Peak Efficiency With Pay Stubs

Pay stub templates make the payroll process more cost-effective for both business owners and employees. Plus, templates make the process easier and eliminating the manual pay stub process will give you more peace of mind.

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