Best Profitable Hobbies That Make Money in 2021


What if doing what you love in your spare time could make you money? Most of us have hobbies or pastime activities we’re passionate about because we find them fulfilling and fun.

But imagine earning money for doing what you love and find fulfilling? Today, believe it or not, that is possible.

Check out all the profitable hobbies that can make you some money this year.

1. Gaming

Let’s start with something very popular these days – gaming. Only several years ago who would have thought that being a gamer in your free time could become so lucrative.

If you love playing video games and if you can get enough people to notice you, you could easily get paid to do what you love. You’ll need to find a gaming site that offers live streaming to give you the opportunity to earn some money.

Additionally, professional gamers also earn money by coaching other players, getting donations from their viewers, and even sharing ad revenue. This means that whenever you stream your game you’ll be earning money.

Of course, just like with most things in life, it will take some commitment and patience to turn your hobby into a lucrative business. But if you don’t stress too much about it and simply do what you enjoy, you may even start getting paid.

2. Illustration and design

If you love spending your free time drawing and making creative designs and illustrations, maybe you could start making money from them?

Many people all over the world would be willing to pay for your creations since the demand for illustrators and designers is high.

All you’d have to do is make unique designs from the comfort of your home. If you want to go a step further, you could also turn your designs into a brand and create your own merchandise. In that way, you could attract more customers.

3. Writing

Your writing skills could turn into a very profitable hobby as well. Freelance writing, blogging, or even writing and publishing – the possibilities are endless really.

If you want to share your ideas, you could start your own site or blog. Build a blog and choose the niche and attract your own audience. Or if you prefer you could sign up on a freelance platform and offer your services as a writer.

When it comes to writing anything is possible, once you become a pro writer, you could even publish your books or writings! Talk about monetarizing a hobby!

4. Gardening

Let’s abandon computers and the online world for a while because not everyone likes spending their free time in front of a screen. Some people prefer spending their free time enjoying nature and the outdoors.

If you’re one of those people and you love getting your hands dirty with soil tending to flowers and plants – then maybe you too could turn your gardening hobby into a profitable business.

Since people have started spending more time in their homes, gardening has seen a rise in popularity. Tending to plants, watering them with the best hose reel on the market, seeing them grow and bloom – there is no more satisfying hobby than this one.

And the best thing is that you could start earning money by selling your plants or selling your tips and tricks of how not to kill the plant.

5. Baking

Yet another hobby that could turn into a profit. If you love baking and you’re good at it – why not sell your stuff? You could participate in local bake sales, you could find people willing to sell your baked goods such as small shops, bakeries, local markets, and so on.

Additionally, you could start your own blog or vlog where you’d be sharing your recipes and teaching other people how to make anything from simple cookies to complex cakes.

6. Photography

Turn your passion for photography into a hobby that earns you money. If you have an eye for beautiful photography you could easily sell them to either businesses or individuals. There are even sites that would gladly sell your photos.

Combine your love for photography and travel the world searching for the right shot, all the while earning money.

7. Painting

If painting is what you prefer that you should know that this is another hobby that can earn you money. There is a market for almost any kind of painting technique these days. And you may not be a painting expert, but if your work is any good – you’ll be able to sell it!

8. Music teaching

Now is the time to monetarize all those years of playing a musical instrument as a child. There is always someone willing to learn how to play the guitar or the piano or any other instrument.

You can offer your services as a music teacher – either online or in-person and start earning some money in your pastime.

9. Traveling

Who wouldn’t want to get paid to travel? And today, maybe you can!

At first, you’ll need to invest some of your money to start earning in this hobby. As you get your groove on, you’ll be able to share your traveling experiences with the world.

Start a blog or vlog and tell everyone how your trip is going and if your blog becomes popular enough, you may get to stay at hotels, motels, Air B’n’Bs for free in exchange for the coverage.

10. Become a fitness instructor

If staying fit and healthy is your way of life, why not share it with someone who can use your help? Become a fitness instructor and earn some money for helping others become fit and healthy as well.

And who knows, maybe you can also write a fitness book too, at some point?

Who would have thought that one day you’d be able to earn some money doing your favorite hobby? Don’t waste any more time, start earning today!