Camming is better than 9 to 5 for more and more women


The world of webcamming is attracting more women than ever before, especially with many people spending seeking intimacy online due to the impact of COVID-19.

After lockdown orders were enforced by many governments around the world, lots of businesses and individuals were affected, leaving many 9-to-5 workers out of jobs. With income dwindling, many women who were affected by the pandemic were forced to seek out a new and lucrative source of income—leading them towards the sphere of webcams.

“A lot of the girls in this line of work aren’t spending their money on cocaine and high heels,” said a producer who manages webcam models in a report.  “Most of them are supporting their families. During the pandemic, I think there are a lot of families eating off webcamming.”

Now, there’s a growing list of former professionals including bank tellers, bartenders, models and even journalists who have now ventured into webcamming to make more money during the lockdown. Instagram model, Emma, based in Washington in the United States, started webcamming during the lockdown and now earns six figures working just a few hours every week on BongaCams, a leading adult webcam site.

Emma promotes her services primarily on Instagram where she has built a huge following and in one of her posts, she revealed a $28,296.03 paycheque which she earned in just one month of being a webcam model on BongaCams. In another post, which gathered thousands of likes, she revealed making $4,228 in one day, thanking her fans for making it possible.

“If someone told me six months ago how sharply my life would change, I wouldn’t believe it!” she said.

A former journalist who was attracted to the industry due to its perceived profitability created a profile on BongaCams and in just a few days of working as a webcam model on the platform, she made $1,920—an impressive amount of money considering she only worked for a few hours daily. Surprisingly, she was able to earn that much money by making exclusive broadcasts wearing a simple swimwear—without undressing or going nude—while talking to her audience on strictly popular non-sexual topics.

According to Alexa ranking, BongaCams is ranked the 36th most visited site in the world and it provides a simple yet intuitive platform for women to earn money from webcam modelling. Also, aside from the legal requirement for models to be 18 years or older, there are no other special needs to join the platform.

Clara Joy, another webcam model, said she had tried different other jobs to make money before venturing into webcamming. Now, just like Emma, she is financially independent and makes enough money from camming to cater for her needs—and all from the comfort of her home. 

With a great personality, strong internet connection and a mobile phone or computer, becoming a successful webcam model on BongaCams is easily attainable. However, although there’s an increasing demand for digital sex work, the level of competition in the industry is equally growing at a faster pace. Therefore, to stay relevant, there’s the need for consistency, self-promotion, innovation and constant development.