Colorful beach tents – available in different styles

beach tents

Beach tents are available in different colours. Although these tents can be rented on-site, many people prefer to have their own beach tent so they can camp on any beach whenever they want. Owning one of these tents means you have the freedom to use them wherever you want. Generally, these are lightweight and therefore portable.

The different types of beach tents available are:

Frame frames: Provide adequate space and comfort for camping. They are framed with aluminium or steel columns and can only be installed with the help of two people.

Dome Tents: As the name suggests, they are dome-shaped and very compact and lightweight.

Pop-up tents for the beach: These are very easy to set up and only take a few seconds to do so. It has a unique centre leading to a lightweight pop-up window. These are great for kids.

Family Tents: They are made of durable materials that provide strong support. Also, 3-4 people can be easily accommodated.

 Where some are designed as cabins, others are styled like bird wings. Some are even beach huts, designed as a mix of bell and beach umbrellas. Some of the most common features of these are:

They are usually made of polyester. Some of them have waterproof fibreglass floors, window grilles and also Velcro folders.

Some of them have small pockets where you can store the punches you need on your trip.

They provide strong UV protection. Sunscreens range between SPF-35 and SPF-50, and you must be careful to choose the maximum possible sunscreen that fits your budget. The price changes with the quality of the provided sun protection.

Spend more time on the beach with a beach shelter

If you are a fan of the beach, the beach shelter is an ideal accessory for you. This beach accessory allows you to spend long hours on the beach without fear of sunburn or any other negative effects of the elements. They are a wonderful means of enjoying the sunrise, sunset and the sounds of the relentless waves. These jumping tents are specially designed to work well on beach tent sand.

These colourful beach tents are available in different sizes and styles, such as:

1. Pop up beach tent: These beach shelters use a unique downtown. Their fibreglass columns make them compact and light. 

2. Dome beach tents: These compact shelters are very easy to carry. However, they offer limited space due to their vertical dome shape.

3. Beach Frame Tent: These spacious tents offer plenty of space to relax. The strong support provided by the steel and aluminium columns makes them suitable for camping. They can be easily installed with the help of two or more people.

4. Canopy Shading Tents: These tents are specially designed for parties and functions. However, they are not recommended for severe weather.

5. Family beach tents: The use of heavy materials makes them very strong and durable. 

Here are the top four reasons to buy a beach tent:

Protection and safety

Lightweight shelters provide security and protection for you and your family. They protect you from strong winds, blowing sand, severe weather and insect bites. They also protect you from overexposure to UV rays and help you avoid burns. These are especially useful if you have young children in your family.


hey are very easy to carry and can be folded and carried in a carrying bag.


These economical shelters have great ventilation, which keeps them cool. They also have a door-like panel to provide additional seating arrangements. Furthermore, they allow you to sleep peacefully, sleep and eat meals.


These shelters give you a sense of privacy. In addition, you can enjoy an interesting book without being disturbed by curious passers-by.
A beach shelter is a must to make a beach holiday a pleasant experience. For a wide range of high-quality beach tents, visit This retailer also stocks special tents just for kids.